SteelSeries QcK Prism Dual Surface RGB Mousepad

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The perfect mouse pad for gaming would be one that gives you the choice between cloth surface and hard surface.
With the QcK Prism by SteelSeries you get exactly that! A dual surface mousepad with two choices of surface types (textured and hard plastic), as well as 360-degree RGB illumination with lighting effects that you can program.
The choice of two surfaces means you can use the hard plastic polymer surface for fast-paced games like shooter video games or the textured cloth surface for slow paced games like Role-playing video games..
The USB cable connection on the QcK Prism dual surface mousepad is located on the left side, which is great as it doesn't catch on the cable of the mouse.
The base of the SteelSeries QCK Prism is made of non-slip silicone rubber and has a total weight of 2 lbs  (900 grams) with the pad on top. 
The QcK Prism has the shape of a rounded rectangle, measuring 292.4mm (11.51 in) wide, 356.71mm (14.04 in) high and 8.68mm (0.34 in) thick. The cable connection is via USB and cable length is 1.8 meters long.
What's cool about the RGB illumination surrounding the mousepad is that it has 12 independent lighting zones. This means you can simultaneously have 12 colors lighting the mousepad, or you can have one single color lighting up the mousepad to match the setup of your desktop.
12 Customizable Illumination Zones
The QcK Prism also integrates "Reactive illumination", which means the mousepad lighting can be configured to react to ingame stats like low ammo and/or low health. The QcK Prism also integrates another smart feature called "PrismSync", which you configure from the "engine apps" of SteelSeries Engine 3 software.
The PrismSync feature allows you to sync the RGB illumination of other connected SteelSeries devices. This feature is pretty neat because it means you can have the Siberia 350 headset and Rival 500 mouse both coordinated with the same lighting effect as the QcK Prism mousepad. With PrismSync you can also set color changes or lighting effects in action with your keyboard or mouse clicks.
To customize the lighting on the QcK Prism you need to download the SteelSeries Engine Software and download the version for your operating system (Windows or MAC). Once you download and run the software, the QCK Prism automatically detects the SteelSeries Engine software.
QcK Prism interface
quick start guide included

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