Salter NutriPro 1200 Watts Nutrition Extractor Blender

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Why should you upgrade from blending to extracting? It is a known fact that with a extractor blender you spend less on buying fruits and vegetables as you don't waste the pulp like you do with a juicer.
This allows you to get twice as much out of your veggies and fruits, which is a nice incentive. Better still, with a extractor blender like the NutriPro 1200 by Salter you have less annoyance when it comes to washing and drying unlike a juicer which has too many parts to wash!
What a nutrient extractor essentially does is literary extract the vitamins and minerals contained within vegetables and fruits by churning them very finely to a silky, smoothie texture.
The NutriPro extractor blender is a neat versatile kitchen accessory as it can crush hard things like nuts and ice too. Blending ice is actually quite cool as the NutriPro literary turns the ice into uniform slushy snow perfect for frozen margaritas!
The nice part of the NutriPro 1200 extractor blender is that you can do frozen fruit smoothies and smooth puree with ease.
The NutriPro 1200 moves food constantly through the jug, sucking it down to the blades and through the blades and back up the sides of the cup while whirling the food around in a constant vortex.
The NutriPro 1200 extractor blender comes with three jugs that double as drinking cups. Because of the cup/jug bullet design, the blades of the NutriPro extractor sit on a rounded bottom, which really helps with the blending process.
The blades on the NutriPro 1200 are angled in different ways to catch food and the blades extend closer to the sides and bottom of the jug so food doesn't have a chance of passing through without being chopped.
the blades on the NutriPro 1200 rotate at whopping 25000 RPM (revolutions per minute)
Operating the NutriPro is simple. Screw the blade lid to one of the cups and place it on top of the body of the blender. Then, place your hand on top of the cup, press down to power on the motor and turn clockwise to lock the cup for hands-free blending.
The power of a extractor blender also plays a big part in the nutrient extraction process. The NutriPro extractor is powered by a 1200-watt motor, which really helps to push the food around making the NutriPro 1200 ideal for heavy duty blending.
drink through lid
With a nutrient extractor blender like the Salter NutriPro, you get no chunks nor the stringy bits of fiber you get with a regular juicer or blender, making it easier on your digestive system to absorb the nutrients from the foods.
drink through lids, cups and storage lids are all dishwasher safe and BPA-free

recipe booklet included
The best part of an extractor blender like the NutriPro is that you don't waste anything. There is no throwing all that pulp fiber in the rubbish as the NutriPro makes mincemeat out of fiber. Fiber is actually very important for your health as it removes stomach bacterial plaque from the intestines.
Another nifty feature worth mentioning about the NutriPro 1200 is the overload protection. The extractor blender has an overheat function so if the motor becomes stressed the motor will automatically shut down to cool down rather than burnout.
The NutriPro 1200 motor body on its own is approximately 21 cm high and higher with the different size cups on top. The larger cup is 18 cm, while the two smaller cups are 12 cm in height. The larger 1 litre cup on top of the blender gives the entire unit a maximum height of 39 cm. With the smaller 0.8 litre cup on top, the total height is 33 cm. The total weight of the NutriPro 1200 is 3 kilograms.
As far as the blades, they can be replaced. Replacement blades can be obtained from Salter directly. There is also a seal gasket in the rim of the blade attachment to prevent leaking.
max fill line on cup
suction rubber feet

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  1. Want find out if Salter Nutripro 1200 is a blender or smoothie machine. Pls get back me. Am interested on the machine.

  2. Want find out if Salter Nutripro 1200 is a blender or smoothie machine. Pls get back me. Am interested on the machine.


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