Ghostek soDrop 2 Over-Ear Bass Headphones With Soundstage!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Spending more on top headphone brand names doesn't always equal better headphones! If affordable quality and bassy headphones is what you are looking for, you're absolutely going to love everything about the Ghostek soDrop 2 Wireless Headphones!
These soDrop 2 headphones are worth every penny and won't disappoint you if you're into punchy bass sound profile as the soDrop 2 are bass-tuned plus they have a noticeable soundstage that give you a concert-like surround feel when listening to music.
The bass on the soDrop 2 is deep but not too over powering that it muffles the sound across the mids and highs sound spectrum. Also, the volume levels on the soDrop headphones can go really loud, which is neat.
the soDrop 2 frequency response is 20Hz~20kHz.
Features you get with the soDrop 2 headphones by Ghostek include Bluetooth 4.1, 400 mm drivers, Qualcolmm aPTx audio, a hard-sided carrying case and nice aluminum, gold and black accents on the sides of the headphones.
The soDrop 2 wireless headphones fold up into a compact form for easy storage inside the stylish hardshell case.
The soDrop headphones have a solid feel to them, they're lightweight (weigh only 255 grams) and have lowkey swivel ear cups that don't make you stand out too much.

excellent stitching throughout
The perforated soft leather trims with soft padding add a nice touch to the ear cups as well as the headband, which has the Ghostek brand logo on top. The brushed aluminum on the adjustable sides of the headband also have Ghostek branding on them.
The inner section of the ear cup measures 1-inch wide by 2-inch and half long and the heavily padded foam makes the soDrop 2 super comfortable.
hardshell hollow zipper case that fits the headphones and cables perfectly
User control buttons on the soDrop 2 over-the-ear headphones are located on the right earcup and include an answer call button that doubles as the power button and pair button. 
There is also an LED indicator next to it, as well as two separate buttons for volume and skipping tracks. Hold down either button to skip tracks and single press to lower or increase the volume.
Beneath the right earcup, you also find the microUSB charging port, the internal microphone pin hole and a 3.5 mm jack. A USB charging cable and male 3.5 mm cable are both included.
The quality of the built-in microphone is very good while on a phone call so you can use the soDrop 2 as a pair of PC gaming headphones.
To mute a call on the soDrop 2 headphones, simply press the volume down button for 2 seconds. To unmute the call, volume down for 2 seconds again. During an incoming call, the Bluetooth LED indicator flashes blue continuously.
The soDrop2 headphones are over the ear headphones so the cover your ears, doing an excellent job at minimizing the noise around you. Even at full volume, the sound doesn't leak out much which is perfect if you don't want to disturb anybody around you at the office or on the plane.
 At 13.5 hours from a single charge, the battery life on the Ghostek soDrop2 headphones is superb and it only takes 2 hours to fully charge them. While charging, the Bluetooth LED indicator will show solid red and then solid blue once charging is complete. When low battery, the LED will flashes red twice every couple of seconds.
 Concrete walls tend to be the worse at blocking Bluetooth signal, but even the Bluetooth reception signal on the soDrop 2 is pretty good from source with walls at about 25 inches. Without walls around, the Bluetooth range is 35+ inches.
To pair the soDrop 2 headphones to your smartphone, simply hold down the answer call button for 5 seconds until the Bluetooth LED indicator flashes red and light. Once paired, the Bluetooth LED indicator flashes blue intermittently.
soDrop 2 headphones user manual
You can also pair the soDrop 2 headphones to two devices simultaneously. The procedure for pairing to two devices is pretty simple. All you have to do is pair the first device to the headphones and turn off the headphones to save the settings for the first device. Then, turn the headphones back on to pair to the second device and turn the headphones off again. That's it. You then toggle between both devices by short pressing both volume buttons at the same time.

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