NanoDri Sweat-blocking V Neck Undershirt By Progenomics LLC

Monday, August 28, 2017

Armpit sweat is a fairly common problem and I wouldn't say I overly perspire under the arms but sweaty pits isn't nice at all, particularly when you are wearing a fitted shirt at work or at a dinner party!
I can testify to countless ruined shirts because antiperspirants do stain fabric when the antiperspirant cakes up and rubs off on the armpit region. Granted, I can wear a t-shirt underneath a shirt but that only means ruining the t-shirt which doesn't actually solve the problem of underarm sweat not to say anything about preventing stained armpits!
Having tried countless antiperspirants before, none have really solve the problem of excess armpit sweat, which as a result left me contemplating getting Botox injections into my armpits even though I really don't fancy the idea!
 An undershirt solution that will achieve two aims at once (sweat control and stain prevention) would be the ideal scenario and NanoDri is one such solution! I came across NanoDri on Kickstarter last year when the project was successfully funded. NanoDri immediately pique my curiosity because of the Japanese fabric and nano-technology being used to block sweat and keep stains hidden, which sounded just like the t-shirt solution I was searching for.
NanoDri fabrics are EPA and FDA compliant
The NanoDri t-shirt you see pictured is the v neck undershirt version made by Progenomics LLC which features an extra large v neck cut out that shows a fairly bit of the chest, making you look supremely masculine when worn underneath something like a collarless knitted jumper!
the NanoDri undershirt isn't see-through so it can be worn on its own 
The NanoDri undershirt reduces sweat thanks to a breathable sweat-absorbent interior and sweat-repellent (water repellent) exterior in the chest, back and sides of the t-shirt so you get all-over body protection. The underarm area is also double-layered for extra protection. 
The NanoDri undershirt is quick drying and it's also coated with anti-bacterial/anti-fungal treatment to prevent the t-shirt from smelling by the end of the day!
As you can see from the GIF above, the NanoDri undershirt repels as well as absorb liquid so the sweat coming into contact with the mesh fabric is immediately wicked inside, pulling it away from the skin where it is absorbed inside the NanoDri internal fibers.
water repellent lasts more than 100 washes
After having worn NanoDri for a few days, I can say NanoDri does a good job at reducing sweatiness and keeping your body and under armpits relatively dry while being comfortable to wear. The fabric is stretchy and can be quickly dried and machine washed without special detergents. In fact, by the time the NanoDri undershirt comes out of the machine machine's spin dry cycle, it's almost dry!

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