Flextand Flexible Mount Stands for Tablets and Phones

Friday, September 15, 2017

Smartphones and tablets are extremely practical gadgets that can be taken almost any place which is why it makes sence to carry some type of stand or holder to further better the experience of using a tablet or smartphone on the go!
Take for instance the range of flexible mount stands by Flextand which consists of a base, bracket and support pipes curved like a goose's neck, all available in different sizes.
rubberized bottom
Flextand phone/tablet mount stands work well for any tablet or smartphones like an iPad or iPhone. Flextand mount stands feature round aluminum bases with a circular silicone trim on the bottom so you can set the stand on a delicate surface without scratching it.
The top part of the base features a fixed fastening stud to attach a gooseneck component, which is coated with industrial strength flexible silicone that retains a shape when bent.
back of Flextand bracket
gooseneck connected to metal extension
goosenecks: thick 1t long, thin 1f-long and 6-inch long
The bracket that attaches to the top part of the gooseneck is also made of aluminum and features an anti-slip silicone base to protect your devices from scratching and sliding out of the bracket.

small bracket: 2.5" long x 5" high

large bracket 1ft long x 9.5" high/ medium bracket: 6.5" long x 7" high
You can tilt the Flextand mount stands in a perfectly vertical plane landscape or tilt it down slightly angled towards you.
The small Flextand base weighs 134 grams, while the medium and large bases weigh 217 grams and 465 grams respectively. The small, medium and large Flextand brackets weigh 84 grams, 245 grams and 590 grams respectively. 
1 ft long aluminum extension pole
The goosenecks and pole extension weigh as follows: thin gooseneck 217 grams, small gooseneck 124 grams, pole extension 192 grams, thick gooseneck 350 grams. Combining the heaviest components, you are looking at just under 800 grams.
gooseneck thread 
Assemble and disassemble of the Flextand is quick and easy and since the Flextand components are compact and lightweight, you can carry any Flextand mount stand around with ease in the Flextote carrying case (available in small, medium and large sizes)
As mentioned earlier, Flextand is flexible and versatile so you can mix and match components to create different mount stand variations from:

Flextand Shorty

Flextand Sporty

Flextand Lanky

Flextand Stumpy

Flextand Curly

Flextand Skinny

Flextand Stocky

Flextand Sparky

Flextand Deputy.

Tripod Mode
You can also use Flextand as a tripod stand. Included is an aluminum quarter inch thread for mounting a camera or phone holder onto the Flextand.
bases: 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches
You can store your laptop as well as the Flextand mount stands in the Flextote carrying case which is made of a rubberized exterior and padded interior:

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