StarTech ArmPivote Gas Spring Articulating Monitor Arm

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The whole purpose of an arm monitor is to free up space on a desk by mounting the monitor above the desk, which in turn allows you to raise the monitor high or low enough where you won't need to look up or down.
The ArmPivote articulating monitor arm by StarTech has a maximum extension of 22 inches (56 cm) and can mount up to a 24-inch LCD or LED monitor that is not heavier than 5 kg (11 ibs). The ArmPivote articulating monitor arm is dual purpose so it can be clamped to a desk or mounted through a grommet hole in the desk.
The ArmPivote desk monitor arm comes with a support base post and two arms that you connect to one another, making it very easy to remove the whole unit should you want to change the location of the arm on the desk.
The base of the support base post features two gasket cushions as well as a screw on collar that allows you to fix the level of the arm.

support base post
The support post measures 8 inches in height (20 cm) so you can raise the connecting arm to about 8 inches in height.
The first arm features a rubber section for the gas spring arm to connect. The first arm measures around 9.5 inches (24 cm), while the second arm (the gas spring arm) is about the same size.
first arm connection
gas spring arm
The gas spring arm connects to the other arm, and tothe monitor via a VESA mount (flat display mounting interface) which measures 75 mm by 75 mm and 100 mm by 100 mm. Included in the hardware is a nice selection of different size screws, including thumb screws and zip ties which come real handy.
VESA mount
The clamp is a screw-operated wedge-lever clamping mechanism with a detachable metal L plate bracket that slides onto the base of the support post.
With monitor arms, quality build is very important since the last thing you want is a monitor arm failing on you crashing down the monitor. The ArmPivote desk mount has sturdily constructed arms and bolts which look quality made so no worries about the bolts breaking or wearing off too soon.
StarTech's ArmPivote desk mount is completely adjustable in height and freely movable thanks to articulating joints and gas spring which keeps the monitor in place wherever you want it.

The cable managing feature in the StarTech single arm monitor can fit two thick cables (display cable and power cable).The cables route through the underside of the arm channels and are kept in place via cable covers as well as a cable clip.

cable management clip
Once set up, you can fully move the arms in full 360-degree circle as well as tilt, swivel and rotate the monitor 360 degrees so you can switch back and forth from landscape and portrait positions.
You can also adjust the resistance of the gas spring arm by adjusting the screw located at the elbow of the articulating arm, using a 4 mm allen wrench (included).

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