WonStart W305A Small True Wireless Earbuds w/ Charging Case

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The WonStart earbuds are true wireless in every sense of the word because the earbuds don’t have any wires connecting them which means they're more discreet. Also, because of no wires getting in the way, there is less chance of therm getting yanked out of your ears!
If you’re wondering whether the Wonstart Bluetooth 4.2 earbuds slip out of the ears, they don't fall out even when bouncing up and down which is perfect if you plan to wear them while exercising.
The Wonstart earbuds stay snugly in the ears thanks to the angled design of the earbud nozzle and winged silicone covers which provide a secure and proper seal inside the ear canal. They are also IPX4 rated so they're water resistant.
Both earbuds feature an LED light indicator as well as user controls. The Left earbud features the power button and the skip track button for skipping to the next or previous song. A single press skips to the next song while a double press skips to the last song.
The Right earbud also features a power button and volume button for increasing or lowering the volume. Single press the volume button to volume up and two button presses to volume down.
Maximum volume does not go up crazily loud, but it is loud enough. The sound quality is nicely even across the spectrum thanks to a flat frequency response that goes as high as 20Hz and as low as 20kHz.
The power button on the left earbud also doubles as the play/pause button in audio mode and answer call functionality. To answer and end a call during an incoming call, single press the power button on the left earbud.
To reject the call, hold down the button for three seconds. You can also redial the last phone call by double pressing the power button on the left earbud.
Both earbuds also feature two metal contacts to make connection with the prongs inside the charging case. Each earbud has built-in an 85mAh battery so they only weigh 7 grams a piece. Battery lasts around 4 hours on moderate volume.
The Wonstart charger case is designed for charging and storing the earbuds. The lid of the charging case needs to be closed in order to charge the earbuds. The 500mAh battery charges full in only 1.5 hours and can charge the earbuds three times over, which is pretty cool.
Charger case has two front LEDS to indicate the charging status of the earbuds. The left LED is for the left earbud and the right LED is for the right earbud. Solid red means charging. When full charge is complete, the charging case LEDS will show solid blue.
The back of the charger case features a power button as well as an LED indicator to indicate the charging status of the charging case. When the Blue LED flashes, it means the charging case is running low on battery power.
When the blue LED flashes four times it means charge is above 75%. Three flashes indicate battery power is between 50% and 75%. Two flashes indicate between 25% and 50% battery power left. One flash indicate 25% batter power left or less.
The Wonstart charger case has a built-in 500mAh battery. If charging from the wall socket, make sure the input charge going into the charging case is 5V 1A.
As far as pairing the Wonstart earbuds, they pair individually. First pair one earbud like you would any other Bluetooth device, then power down the earbud.
Then, pair the other earbud the same. After both earbuds are paired, select one of them to connect to the device. Audio is then sent automatically to both earbuds.
The earbuds LED indicators will flash a slow blue light if the earbuds are not connected to the device. If they flash twice every few seconds, it means the earbuds are connected to the device. When you see the red light flashing, it indicates lower battery power.

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