Alpha & Delta JAAP Truly Wireless Earphones w/ Portable Battery Charger

Monday, October 30, 2017

Ditching the wire in "wireless" truly makes earphones without the wire truly wireless! No wires to get in the way and no tangle wire mess to worry about!
Three years ago, completely wireless earphones were virtually unheard of, but now true wireless earphones that don't wrap around the back of the head come in all shapes and sizes.
The gripe with truly wireless though can be the battery life and the earphones not staying in your ears but not with the JAAP earphones by Alpha & Delta!
The JAAP earphones are truly wireless earphones in every sense of the word, and most importantly they have awesome battery life and are guaranteed to not fall out of your ears!
You won't be losing the JAAP earphones anytime soon thanks to angled nozzles and comfortable rubberized hooks that fit around the ear, making the JAAP earphones virtually impossible to shake loose when working out in the gym or running outdoors.
The addition of SpinFit tips, which are 360 degree rotating silicone eartips, really seals the deal as far as secure fit as these tips mould perfectly inside your ear canal.
As far as aesthetics and build quality, the JAAP earphones have a matt black finish with red and chrome accents.
The build quality is rugged thanks to sturdy plastic construction. The nozzle tips are also made of plastic, featuring a sweat-proof mesh (IPX5 water/sweat resistant) to prevent moisture ingress.
The user control buttons consists of a single button neatly integrated in the back of the earphones. The single buttons allow you to power the earphones, pair and control the music. You can skip tracks (double press), pause and volume up and down, as well as receive incoming calls (single press the button during an incoming call). During a phone call, sound is only delivered to the master earphone.
The JAAP's pairing process is easy and it's done by pairing one earphone to your smartphone only. The earphone that is paired to your phone will be the master earphone. You can pair the left of right earphone by holding the down the button and waiting for the voice prompt and LED to flash blue and red continuously. Then, hold down the button on the other earphone for a few seconds and release the button when you see the LED showing purple.
Internally, the JAAP earphones feature Bluetooth 4.2, 11 mm dynamic drivers and 90mAh rechargeable batteries. When charging, the LEDs show solid red and when fully charged the LED shows solid blue.

portable power bank can charge and be charged simultaneously
The built-in 90mAh battery in each earpiece can deliver power for a good 6 hours, while the portable battery charger can power the JAAP earphones on the go for an additional 8 hours, making it a total of 14 hours of battery life. It takes around 90 minutes to charge both the power bank and earphones.
Aside from the SpinFit tips (3 pairs) and the portable charger, the JAAP earphones come with 3 pairs of silicon tips and 1 pair of foam tips.

The sound quality is clear and detailed with a substantial amount of bass thanks to a flat frequency response. The volume can be turned up a decent amount too, which is nice.

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