iSPECLE 2.5L Filter Free Humidifier Diffuser Oil

Thursday, October 26, 2017

When air is too dry, a humidifier is a pretty useful device to have around the home for moistening the rooms to alleviate dry eyes and nosebleeds!
With a humidifier like the iSpecle you can easily get moisture in the air, as well as make your home smell amazing thanks to the built-in diffuser dish on the lid of the humidifier.
Plus, with such a sleak design reminiscent of the original Xbox 360 games console, the iSpecle humidifier blends in nicely with your other gadgets.
nozzle can rotate 360 degrees
As mist escapes through the 360 nozzle, it diffuses the essential oils in the dish throughout the room at the same time. You basically get best of both worlds with the iSpecle humidifier as it's essentially a cool mist humidifier and aroma diffuser oil.

cleaning brush
Other neat features you get with the iSpecle humidifier diffuser is a tilt safety feature, auto-shut off and filter free, which means no filter to replace or clean. You simply wipe it off with a dab of vinegar and the included brush to brush off the parts.
The tilt safety feature is a clever useful feature especially if you have kiddies at home as it automatically powers off the humidifier should it get knocked down accidentally. There is also an auto-shut off feature that turns off the unit automatically when water level is low.
The LED integration in the iSpecle humidifier is pretty cool too. You get changing LEDs around the control dial and inside the unit.
The control dial has a nice large size to it and features four touch-sensitive buttons which include the power button, the LED button and + and - buttons to increase and decrease the amount of mist from high, medium and low. The LED button can toggle between seven LED colors.
When fully topped with water, the iSpecle diffuser humidifier can operate for a good 10 hours before you need to top it up with water again.
To see the mist become visible, you need to wait at least 5 minutes and set it to high mist mode (Blue LED) which is capable of delivering 250 ml of humidity per hour. Medium mode (green LED) and low mode (red LED) can put out 200 ml and 150 ml of mist per hour respectively.
the rated power is 20 watts at 100-240 volts.
The iSpecle humidifier is made of thermoplastic polymer plastics (ABS and polypropylene), making the unit lightweight and sturdy at the same time. The exterior of the iSpecle humidifier is glossy with an ergonomic square shape, making it easier to clean from the inside. The height is 33.5 cm, measuring 15 cm on all four sides.
The humidifier has a total of five removal plastic components, which include an ultrasonic atomizer and floater that minimizes considerably the noise made by the unit. The floater is easily inserted.

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