Mixcder R9 Sports Neckband In-ear Bluetooth 4.0 Earphones

Monday, October 23, 2017

One of the most important requirements in a pair of sports neckband earphones is that they fit and are comfortable to wear!
The Mixcder R9 nozzle tips are angled so they don't fall out of the ears and they are comfortable to wear around the neck thanks to a flexible neckband.

anti-tangle flat cable
The control buttons and LED indicator on the Mixcder R9 are located on the right side of the neckband and include three multifunctional buttons for controlling the volume, skipping tracks and power.
The power button (middle button) also turns on Bluetooth pairing when powered on. The R9's also come with voice prompts to alert you when the unit is powered on and powered off.
The R9 housing has a sleak black color scheme with brushed aluminum accents on the back. The nozzles are made of plastic while the back of the earphones housing is made of magnetized metal.
The R9 earphones are rated IPX 5 with a water repellent nano-coating protection to prevent water and sweat from damaging the 10mm drivers. The R9 earphones are also very lightweight, weighing only 50 grams in weight so you barely notice them in your ears at all.
The R9 earphones feature silicone tips as well as silicone retainers to help the earphones stay in the ears while moving and sweating.
You get three pairs of interchangeable silicone retainers, including a pair of U shape retainers and two pairs of winged retainers of different sizes.
As far as sound quality, the Mixcder have a flat sound range (20Hz-20kHz frequency response) with light bass and balanced volume that is perfect for working out in the gym or running outdoors.
Battery life in the R9 earphones is pretty good, lasting 8+ hours while recharging in just under 90 minutes. The micro USB charging port is also located on the right side of the neckband with the built-in mic just beneath it.
the built-in mic has CVC 6.0 noise cancelling technology
The Mixcder R9 earphones also come with three replaceable ear tips in three different sizes so you can fit them snugly in your ears to prevent sweat ingress, as well as a travel pouch mesh to store the earphones when on the go.
Mixcder R9 user manual

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