Arctic S111 BT Mini Cube Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The S111 BT mini cube speakers by Arctic are a pair of funky USB-powered speakers that can be used via Bluetooth (version 4.0) and audio input so you can hook up to a laptop or smartphone to improve the sound quality.

S111 BT Lime model SPASO-SP009LM-GBA01
Being so compact, it means you can easily carry the S111 BT mini cube speakers around the house or out in the garden without having to trail the extension lead through the house.
The speakers measure 3 inches wide and 3 inches long and they are attached via a cable lead which is around 11 inches long.
The S111 BT mini cube speakers have a green glossy finish with white and grey accents, as well as rubber feet on the bottom.
While the speakers only output a total of 4 watts of power, they produce clean sound with good bass. The control buttons are discreetly integrated on the back of the right speaker, which is neat
The control consist of three buttons (power, volume up and volume down). The volume buttons also double as the skip track buttons (simply press and hold to skip tracks).
The micro USB port, LED and 3.5 mm line-in audio input are located beneath the buttons. The LED serves a handy function to visually alert you of battery power remaining. Solid red LED indicates charging as well as 50% battery power. When the LED flashes blue and red while playing music it means battery life is 25% or less.
Built-in there is a 2,000mAh battery which is powered by 5V at 500mA with only just 4 ohms of impedance. This means, you can easily power the S111 speakers from the USB 2.0 port of a computer or laptop.
If you plan to power the S111 speakers from a wall charger, be sure that it is rated at 500mA (0.5 amps) or less to prevent damaging the speakers.
You can listen to music while the S111 BT speakers are charging and there is an option to factory reset the S111 BT speakers to clear paired mobile devices. To do this, you simply short press the power button and hold down the volume buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds.
Arctic branded cables
12 month warranty
soft hardshell case included
mesh for storing the included cables

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