LINKSYS RE6400 AC1200 BOOST EX Ethernet Wired Wi-Fi Extender

Thursday, November 23, 2017

When your WiFi signal is not strong enough or cuts out very often it's time to invest in a WiFi range extender!
A WiFi range extender like the AC1200 Boost EX by LINKSYS delivers three times the speed (N300 + AC867 Mbps) of standard wireless and almost doubling the range of your home's router WiFi signal strong enough to go through walls.
Wherever you place the LINKSYS AC1200 gigabit WiFi extender it effectively creates a coffee shop-like WiFi hotspot for you to connect multiple devices without interrupted Internet connection.
The AC1200 extender works with AC routers but it also backwards compatible with N routers (802.11n) and Wireless-G routers (802.11g).
Multiple connections is possible thanks to the AC1200 WiFi extender using two dedicated Wi-Fi bands, which includes a 5 GHz band (great for fast video streaming and gaming) and a 2.4 GHz band for tasks like browsing the Internet.

The LINKSYS AC1200 WiFi extender comes very useful when wanting to extend Internet to an upstairs attic room or self contained granny annexe room. The AC1200 wireless extender can reach through walls and long distance, boosting your router's Wi-Fi coverage to up to 7,500 square feet which translates to 86 feet by 87 feet floor (almost twice the size of a professional basketball court.
The LINKSYS AC1200 WiFi extender is easy to use (no CD required) as it pairs with your router using the WPS feature of the router.

Simply plug in the extender into a mains socket and wait for the blinking green light to blink amber. Then, press the WPS button on the router and then press the WPS button on the extender (it will glow amber). When the blinking green light turns solid green, pairing is successful.
If your router hasn't got the WPS feature you can still pair the LINKSYS AC1200 extender via an Internet browser. 
After pairing the router with the extender you will see your router's WiFi duplicated with an _EXT at the end. This means you can now access the settings of the extender via LINKSYS web-based portal.

LINKSYS web-based set up page allows you to gain access to the settings of the AC1200 BOOST EX extender. In order to access the set up page, you need to connect to the WiFi network with the _EXT at the end and enter your router's password..
Now, visit and enter admin as the password and you will be presented with the Basic Settings page.
From here you can navigate to different pages to access different settings of the LINKSYS AC1200 extender like the  Spot Finder Technology feature which you can see on the screenshot below on the right (under wireless).
You can easily find the optimal placement for the AC1200 extender by using the Spot Finder feature from the web-based set up page which tells you whether you are placing the AC1200 extender too far or too close from your router.
When setting up the LINKSYS AC1200 Boost Ex WiFi extender, you ideally want to place it at the furthest point where WiFi signal is weak but not too far that there is no WiFi signal. As long as you set up the AC1200 extender somewhere with some WiFi signal, the AC1200 extender can amplify your router's WiFi signal.
inside the box
What's neat about the AC1200 BOOTS EX is that it allows you to pick up WiFi signal seamlessly wherever you are from either your home router's WIFi or the extender's WiFi automatically without having to manually connect.
As far as the build design, the AC1200  WiFi extender has a modern build to it with glossy white fishig on the front with matt white on the rest of the unit.
on/off power button, WPS button and Reset pin hole
The design of the AC1200 is very compact so it's relatively discreet when plugged into a mains socket. The front facing activity LED has a subtle low profile, which is nice.

There is also a gigabit Ethernet port on the side of the AC1200 Boost Ex which is ten times faster than Fast Ethernet. This means, you can use the AC1200 WiFit extender as a wired access point to connect Ethernet-only gadgets like a BlueRay player or an Internet-ready TV without having to roll out Ethernet cables all around the house.

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