SuperFast Thermapen 4 Instant Read Folding Probe Thermometer

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

No more digging around with a fork trying to guess if something is cooked only to find out afterwards that it's too dry or under-cooked!
A digital cooking thermometer like Thermapen 4 offers a more professional approach to cooking as it gives you super fast, precise readings which is exactly what you want when spot sampling, making homemade gelato or for indirect charcoal grilling of meat and poultry on a barbecue.
When barbecuing, you cannot tell just by looking whether meat is cooked to the proper temperature without a trusty kitchen gadget like a kitchen thermometer. Thermapen 4 does exactly what it says on the tin by giving you accurate temperature readings within a few seconds and in all lighting conditions.
The back lit, large digit display on the Thermapen 4 automatically orientates itself to whatever position the Thermapen 4 thermometer is held at, making viewing the reading easier and more convenient.
display: 39 x 25 mm (character size 15 mm horizontal, 11 mm vertical)
The automatic wake up feature means the thermometer goes to sleep when movement is not detected after 10 seconds to preserve battery life but can be woken up with a quick nudge. When auto wake up mode kicks in during a reading the value is not lost, which is neat.
The material of the Thermapen 4 casing is made of ABS plastic with Biomaster anti-bacterial additive which does not wash off and should last for the entire lifetime of the thermometer. The entire device is water and dust resistance with IP66/67 rating protection.
Thermapen 4 feels sturdy and holding it in the hand feels comfortable and secure thanks to the rubberized trim surrounding the outer edge of the thermometer. Thermapen 4 weighs 120 grams and measures 19 mm high by 50 mm wide by 157mm long so it has a pretty compact footprint.
2 years guarantee 
The folding probe design is a clever touch for preventing damage to the probe and poking someone by accident. The probe itself uses a Type K alloy thermocouple made of magnetic nickle/chromel alloys with the sensor located at the very tip of the probe. It'a also worth checking out the infrared thermometer version with foldaway probe.
fully opens 180 degrees
Thermapen 4 instant read thermometer is powered by a single SuperFast Thermapen AAA Duracell alkaline battery.
Included with Thermapen 4 is also some very useful information on recommended temperatures as well as certification with a traceable calibration certificate.
Thermapen 4 can read Celsius as well as Fahrenheit
As far as specifications, Thermapen 4 has a wide operating range from -49.9 to 299.9°C (-58.0 to 572.0°F), a user configurable resolution (between one tenths of a degree (0.1 °C/F) and 1°C/F, and a ±0.4°C/ ±1 °C degree of accuracy (margin of error) when operating between -49.9 and 199.9 °C.
open grommet fitted to screw
battery is secured via spring-loaded clip
two-button menu for instrument configuration
Thermapen 4 is a useful and simple bit of kit that you definitely want to have laying around the house as it comes very handy for reading the temperature of pretty much anything from aquarium temperature and freezer temperature to internal meat temperature of meat!
Thermapen is hand-assembled and hand-tested in the UK 
The SuperFast Thermapen 4 is certainly down your alley if you are looking for accuracy, instant reading and reliability from a digital thermometer.

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