Brainwavz BLU-100 Bluetooth 4.0 aptX Earphones

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Durable and great sound along with a 24-month warranty makes the Brainwavz BLU-100 earphones a very appealing proposition!
The BLU-100 earphones are built like a tank with a matt black finish and rubberized accents on the back and around the housing.
The BLU-100 earphones are mostly made of nice quality plastics, including the nozzle tips which feature aluminum grill mesh (non sweat proof). The nozzle tips have a straight design as opposed to angled but they still fit snuggly inside the ear canal when pushed in properly.
driver sensitivity: 110 dB at 1 mW
The sound quality on the BLU-100 earphones is big and clear thanks to aptX CD-like quality technology and 8 mm dynamic drivers. The low 30 ohm impedance rating means you can easily drive the earphones from your smartphone. The frequency response is between 20Hz and 20000Hz so it's a flat frequency response that balances out the low (bass) frequencies, middle (mids) frequencies and high frequencies.
The micro USB port, which has a pop up cover, is located on the right earpiece where the small battery is built-in. The Brainwavz BLU-100 integrates a 60mAh rechargeable battery on the right earpiece that can power both earpieces for 4 hours and hold charge for 100 hours while on standby. Full charge takes around 2 hours.
The Bluetooth range on the BLU-100 is 30ft (10m)
Weighing only 14 grams, the BLU-100 are also lightweight and comfortable to wear so you hardly notice them on your ears. The cabling is very minimal and does feature an inline remote control with three buttons to play/pause, skip tracks and to control the volume.
the inline remote works with iOS, Android, Windows phones & PC
BLU-100 earphones feature voice prompts so you will hear the words Power on and Power off (when turning the earphones on and off), Paring and Connecting (when connecting the earphones to your smartphone) and Battery low (when the battery is running low).
the BLU-100 supports pairing with two devices at the same time
The BLU-100 earphones also feature the Bluetooth profiles HFP (hands free profile), HSP and A2DP so you'll be able to answer a call, hang up and adjust the volume without having to reach to your phone. You can also redial the last number by quickly tapping the play/pause button twice. To skip songs, hold down either volume button for a few seconds. Volume is adjusted with singles button presses.
CVC echo and noise cancellation
the LED indicator is located at one end of the remote 
The play/pause button on the inline remote of the BLU-100 earphones also doubles as the power/pair button. To initiate pairing mode hold down the button for a few seconds until you hear the words pairing.
The BLU-100 Bluetooth earphones come with 3 sets of different size silicone ear tips and 1 set of Comply S-400 foam tips, as well as a hard shell case in black and red color scheme, a micro USB charging cable, a velcro cable tie, user manual and 2 year warranty.

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