nello One Installed On Videx Smart 1 Intercom Handset Flat

Monday, December 04, 2017

Having an intercom system at the front door to a block of flats means being able to answer the door without having to run down the stairs to let people in!
Door intercom systems do come in all shapes and sizes with different features like coded keypads, swipe cards and video entry so you can see people when they buzz your flat number.

nello has a graphite black finish 
While living in a flat apartment building has its advantages, there are drawbacks like the communal aspect of block of flats. Say for instance, you wanted to upgrade the communal entrance door for the flat, you wouldn't just be able to do it without having to consult somebody first.
Luckily, with solutions like the nello one smart intercom system you can make the intercom door entry handset of your flat remotely accessible so that you can remotely open the front door to your block of flats without having to change the communal intercom system.

videx smart 1 handset
The nello intercom system works on block of flats which have a simple buzzer front door entry system with a door release latch. Take for instance the videx smart 1. This intercom system consists of a full duplex wired intercom fitted at the front door of a block of flats and an AC-powered buzzer telephone handset installed inside the flat apartment.
When a visitor at the front door buzzes the intercom, you pick up the phone handset installed in the flat, speak to them and then let them in by pressing the release button on the handset which buzzes the door release latch so they can walk in.
cable ports
The standard door to door intercom system is great but with a solution like nello one you can really turn it up a notch by making the door release latch at the front door of your block of flats remote controlled.
Size 50mm x 57.8mm x 12mm/ Weight 22g
Nello is a really cool bit of kit that is useful too because you can actually buzz people in from your smartphone and you can buzz yourself in without a physical key. Not having to use the key effectively turns your individual intercom into a keyless door entry system which is super convenient especially when in rush to gain access to the flat apartment building.
Nello connects to the wireless WiFi network of the home router which your smartphone will also be connected to so when at the front door to your block of flats you can get buzzed in automatically. This is possible thanks to nello detecting your smartphone via 3G/4G mobile technology so it's okay if there is no WiFi reception signal from your router at the front door of your flat.
nello one includes 7 cables and screw driver
Setting up Nello is pretty much plug and play. Nello is powered by the intercom handset in your flat and requires no wiring done to the communal intercom outside so it does not disrupt your neighbors intercom system.
Before buying a nello one, check your intercom compatibility here

The only bit of wiring needed to be done is wiring the Nello device to the handset unit inside your flat. It's just a matter of hooking the cables in the right places which is easy thanks to the easy to follow instructions.
Here is how nello one is installed on a videx smart 1 handset intercom:

1. Remove outer casing of handset.

2. Download nello app and install it on your phone 

3. Search your intercom model

4.Insert color coded cables into nello one

5. Loosen up back casing of handset and slide cables through the back of it

if you need to remove a cable from nello, simply rotate the cable in a twisting motion

6. Take a picture of the cabling

7. Connect cables to each respective cable as per nello app instructions

8. Once cables are connected properly the green LED on nello one starts blinking

9. Enter your WiFi details to pair nello to a your router (it has to be a 2.4GHz router)

10. The following message appears when WiFi set up is successful

11. Put handset casing back together

12. Go outside and buzz your intercom flat number 

13. Nello one automatically does a buzz test.

14. Nello one is ready to use. You can test it yourself.
What's cool about Nello one is that the nello app allows you to remotely open the front door of your flat building even if you are not at home.
There are other ways to open a door with nello one too as long as the GPS on your phone is enabled. You can manually buzz the flat number of your intercom and gain access and you can program nello one to open the doors between a time frame (i.e. between 12pm and 1pm), which is handy when you are a expecting a delivery at a certain time.
The other way to open the door with nello one is via a voice command from Amazon Alexa so nello one opens the door without having to take your phone out of your pocket.
Another cool feature that you get with the nello app is being able to grant access privileges to as many as ten people so they can use nello one just like you do. You can grant people restricted and unrestricted access which is perfect for couples as you can grant them unrestricted access so they have admin rights just like you do.
nello keeps track of each buzz
As far as the security aspect of nello one, it does not just let anyone inside the building who buzzes your flat number unless you buzz them in or grant them access.
Nello one also integrates geofencing (called Homezone Unlock radius) where nello one can tell when you are within its radius. This means when you enter the radius of nello one it unlocks the door release mechanism to the front door of your flat building. You have around 5 minutes after you enter the radius of nello one before nello one disables the unlock feature for safety purposes.
You can log in to your nello one account from different phones to operate nello one remote door entry system but you cannot operate nello one at the same time from different phones unless you create multiple nello one accounts. The nello app also lets you add several nello units so you can mange different nellos from different blocks of apartments.

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