Anker SoundBuds Slim Plus IPX5 Gym Headphones aptX HD Bluetooth 4.1

Thursday, January 25, 2018

You don't have to spend a crazy amount of money to get a decent pair of workout headphones that can withstand even the sweatiest of gym sessions! Take for instance, the SoundBuds Slim+ by Anker.
The Anker SoundBuds Slim+ wireless gym headphones tick every box of requirements you could ever have for workout headphones, including high ingress protection (IP) rating.
silicone in-ear wings

magnetic ends
The SoundBuds Slim+ feature IPX-5 water resistant protection on the outside as well as water-repellent nano-coating in the inside of the earphones to repel any moisture.
With this high level of water/moisture protection you won't have to worry about the Slim+ earphones failing on you because of sweat ingress.
Other features you get with the SoundBuds Slim plus that makes them ideal for running or weight lifting sessions is wireless connectivity via aptX HD Bluetooth 4.1, small footprint, lightweight and useful accessories like a soft-touch zippered shell case.
The shell case is great for transporting and storing the SoundBuds Slim+ earphones after working out plus it integrates a metal carabiner for hooking the case to a trouser belt loop or backpack.
The selection of silicone ear tips you get with the SoundBud Slim+ is also nice as you get a wider selection of ear tip sizes to choose from (extra small to extra large). You also get different size silicone wings to choose from. The addition of silicone wings reallys aids the earphones from falling out.
The SoundBuds Slim+ fit comfortable in the ears thanks to their low weight and narrow body with slightly angled nozzles and thick rubber reinforcements to prevent premature cable wear.
Built-in the body of the Slim+ earphones are 6mm speaker drivers with low rated impedance (16 ohms) so you can power them to full potential from the audio socket of your phone.
the SoundBuds Slim+ featured are model number A3401
As far as audio quality, the Anker SoundBuds Slim plus have really good balanced sound with volume level that can be adjusted decently high. The integration of high definition with the aptX audio codec really makes a difference in the sound quality thanks to 24-bit audio, higher sample rate (48kHz) and higher bit-rate (576kbps).
regular aptX delivers 16-bit/44.1kHz audio at 352kpbs
the SoundBuds Slim+ frequency response range is between 20Hz (bass) and 20kHz (treble) 
The Anker SoundBud Slim+ feature an inline remote control with three buttons and a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.
The remote control lets you adjust the volume levels (short presses) and change tracks, as well as play/pause and answer calls by pressing the play/pause button. To reject a call simply hold down the play/pause button. You will also see the led flashing blue to alert you of an incoming call.
Changing tracks on the Slim+ earphones is done via the volume buttons by holding down either button for a couple seconds. You can also activate Siri or other voice assistant by holding down the play/pause button for a couple of seconds.

SoundBuds Slim+ cable length is 102 cm long
To pair the Anker SoundBuds Slim+ you simply hold down the play/pause button (middle button) for 2-3 seconds until the LED starts blinking blue rapidly and select it from your phone's bluetooth devices. When connected/paired, the led shows solid blue. If you want to unpair the SoundBuds Slim+ from your phone, you can do it by holding down both volume buttons at the same time for 3-4 seconds.
Once the Slim+ earphones are paired with your phone, you won't have to do it next time as it will reconnect automatically when the earphones are powered on. To power on the Slim+ earbuds simply hold the play/pause button for 1 second.
The SoundBuds Slim+ have very good battery power retention so the earphones will hold charge for well over 40 days. When battery life is low, the led flashes red. When charging the earphones, the led shows solid red. When full charge is complete (1.5 hours) the led shows solid blue. You can get well over 6 hours of playtime out of the SoundBuds Slim+.
It's also worth pointing out that the SoundBuds Slim+ earphones do not need high input charge to be able to recharge quickly. In fact, the Slim+ use very low input charge (100mA/ 0.1A) which means you can charge them from the USB port of a computer just as fast.
accessories: cord management clip, cord shirt clip, micro USB charging  

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