AUKEY Shoelace Lock Portable Waterproof Speaker Bluetooth 4.2

Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's face it, snaking wires through walls to fit a pair of outdoor speakers isn't the most practical way of setting up outdoor speakers! If you are primarily looking for a speaker system for backyard parties or for chilling outside with and spotify your life away, look no further than water resistant portable speaker.
The great thing about portable waterproof speakers is that they are plenty of budget friendly options to choose from so you can pick up a quality one like the AUKEY SK-M32 without burning a hole in your pocket!
The AUKEY SK-M32 portable waterproof speaker is the perfect inexpensive solution for music on the go as it weighs only 280 grams and has solid battery life with a big, it has a stylish shoelace lock design!
180 mm tall x 73 mm wide x 47 mm thick
You can playback music wirelessly via the latest Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 4.2) or via wired audio cable hookup for hours on end and without worrying about rain thanks to the rubberized material of the speaker housing. The micro USB port and 3.5 mm audio socket are also protected from the elements thanks to a rubber pop up cover.
When connected via Bluetooth, the AUKEY SK-M32's wireless connection is strong and fast without dropouts thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 which is the latest improved version of Bluetooth.
The total power output of the AUKEY SK-M32 portable waterproof speaker is 9 watts and delivered via two speakers outputting 4.5 watts each. The volume level is really impressive considering its small size and so is the audio quality reproduction which is "music to your ears". The range of the frequency response is 100 Hz (bass) and 18,000 Hz (treble) so you get powerful bass (though it doesn't overpower the highs which are nice and clear).
The user control buttons are discreetly integrated towards the top of the speaker and consist of a power button, play/pause button and volume buttons. The play/pause button also doubles as the answer/reject call button when the speaker is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone (when you get a phone call, simply press the play/pause button).
micro USB charging cable included
The volume buttons also control the skipping of tracks. Long pressing the volume buttons adjusts the volume level while short pressing the volume buttons changes tracks.
battery low audio alert
The AUKEY SK-M32 portable waterproof speaker also features two LED activity indicators on the bottom front of the unit. The left LED indicates pairing mode (simultaneous white and blue flashing), connected (solid white LED) and music playback (blue LED flashes every couple of seconds). During a call or an incoming call, the SK-32 speaker left LED will also flash blue every couple of seconds.
The right LED turns on solid red during charging mode. When full charge is complete (3.5 hours), the LED turns off. Battery life on the SK-32 portable speaker is pretty good thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy and the integrated 1800mAh li-polymer rechargeable battery. You get around 5.5 hours of playback on medium/high volume level and 8 meters of Bluetooth signal operating range.
turns off automatically after 5 or 10 minutes
24-Month Product Replacement Warranty

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