Brainwavz Delta Wired In Ear Monitor w/ Metallic Body

Monday, January 22, 2018

For the budget-conscious looking for a pair of good value, budget earphones for everyday use that look premium, the Brainwavz Delta earphones are a sound choice!

The Brainwavz Delta earphones are constructed entirely from real metal, including the nozzle tips and body of the earphones just like the newer Delta earphones version.
The metallic housing construction gives the Delta earphones a premium feel and so does the rubber material used for the tangle-free cable. The cable also has strong rubber reinforcements to prevent the cable breaking at the ends.
The Y-shape cable is 1.3 meters long with copper wiring inside it. Along the 1.3 meter-long cable you find a 3-button remote control and microphone for hands-free calling and controlling the audio playback. The plug at the end of the cable is a right-angle connector with gold-plated TRRS connection.
Talking about TRRS connection, the Brainwavz Delta earphones are compatible with any device that uses TRRS (Tip Ring Ring Sleeve) configuration in the audio socket.
mic hole
shirt clip
Most audio makers use the TRRS configuration but makers such as Sony use their own TRRRS configuration so the Delta earphones will not be compatible. Other than that, the Delta earphones are both compatible with Android and iOS devices.
Built-in the Delta earphones housing you get 8mm drivers with 16 ohms rated impedance, which means the Delta earphone drivers require little power (20mW) to work so you can plug the Delta earphones into anything with low amplification like a smartphone.
The Delta earphones are in-ear headphones with straight nozzles so they fit straight inside the ear canal, staying in without falling out.
Once inserted inside your ears, the eartips do a nice job at cancelling out a lot of background noise. The audio reproduction is good in and so is the volume level coming through the drivers.
The Brainwavz Delta earphones have a frequency response rating of 20Hz (bass) and 20kHz (highs) which is a typically flat, balanced sound. With that said, the Delta earphones do favor the low bass frequencies slightly more which is nice as you get a nice punchy bass.
2 year replacement warranty
The BrainWavz Delta earphones come with a snazzy hard-shell zipper case and a selection of different size nozzle tips and comply S-400 premium earphone foam tips to fit your ears. You also get a user manual, a shirt clip and a velcro cable management tie.

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