JVC HA-S90BN Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

It's always nice being able to find a pair of headphones that are every bit as good as headphones with a higher price tag!
The JVC HA-S90BN are 3-in-1 over-the-ear headphones that feature an auxiliary input (AUX-in) for wired audio, as well as Bluetooth (version 3.0) and NFC built-in for wireless connectivity.

swivel earcups
You can wear these JVC headphones for hours thanks to soft and comfortable padding on the headband and ear pads. The headband isn't too clampy either. In fact, the headband hugs your head nicely without pinching, which is nice.
micro USB port, mic, power and LED activity indicator
The user control buttons, as well as the built-in microphone, LED activity indicator and micro USB port are also located on the right earcup.
volume slider/ sound button
The S90BN headphones also feature a dedicated power button and a volume slider/ sound button to adjust the volume and boost the bass levels. The play/pause button doubles as the button for answering and rejecting calls.
As far as the sound, the JVC S90BN on ear headphones are driven by beefy 40mm Neodymium magnets which deliver superb sound quality with clear highs, powerful bass and well balanced volume.
Sound quality is even better in wired mode as the drivers are able to hit higher and lower frequencies (between 8Hz and 25,000Hz).While playing audio, you can adjust the bass level from low, medium or high by pressing the volume slider/ sound button each time.
ear cups have marked lettering: R (right) and L (left)
The two-way foldable design means you can fold the ear cups flat and pivot them inwards towards the headband for transportation. The finish on the S90BN headphones consists of black high gloss and chrome accents.
The included 1.2-meter audio cable, which is compatible with iPhone, has gold-plated tips with an l-shaped right angle on one end.
Both NFC and Bluetooth wireless work very similar though you'll find that connecting the headphones to your phone via NFC wireless connection is much easier and faster than Bluetooth.
adjustable metal headband
It's neat that these JVC noise cancelling headphones feature two choices of  wireless connectivity, as well as wired audio input so you can still use the headphones when the battery runs flat.
By the way, the NFC chip is located on the right headphone cup. To connect via NFC, all you have to do is bring your NFC-enabled phone within 1.5 inches of the right headphone to connect. Simple as that!
10 meter wireless range
The S90BN headphones turn themselves off after 5 minutes of inactivity. You can tell the headphones are turned off by checking the LED activity indicator which will be turned off.
The LED activity indicator (Bluetooth symbol) can also show blue or red. When charging the headphones, the LED shows solid red. When charging is complete (3.5 hours) the LED turns off. The capacity of the built-in Li-polymer rechargeable battery is 350mAh. During pairing mode, the LED flashes blue and red. Other than that, the LED activity indicator does not flash after the headphones are powered on.
At over 24 hours of play time, the JVC HA-S90BN headphones have awesome battery life in wireless mode thanks to Class 2 Bluetooth which only draws 2.5mW (milliwatts) of power. With noise cancelling turned on while in wireless mode the battery life is around 15 hours. With noise cancelling turned on in wired mode, you get an extra 10 hours of battery life on top, making the total battery life over 33 hours.
weighs 195 grams
Accessories included with the JVC S90BN on ear headphones include a detachable audio cable, a charging cable, quick start guide, guarantee paper work and a drawstring carrying pouch made of breathable mesh.

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