EasySMX LG118 Bluetooth 3.0 Smartwatch with 2MP Camera & Pedometer!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What's not to like about smartwatches? Smartwatches are a useful gadget that come handy especially when your workplace's "no phone policy" does not allow smartphones at work!
A smartwatch like the EasySMX LG118 is a stealthy little friend that lets you check remotely your phone notifications discreetly while working. and even take calls without having to take the phone from your pocket.
A smartwatch makes checking notifications that much quicker and convenient which is exactly what you need when setting up security alerts for your home security system.
A smartphone also doubles as a security interface since you can do most things you normally do on your smartphone from a smartwatch, letting your smartphone be out of sight from prying eyes, preventing anyone from snatching your smartphone out of your hand.
One good reason to get a smartwatch like the EasySMX LG118 is that unlike others which are compatible only with their respective phones, the EasySMX LG118 Bluetooth smartwatch can be used with both Android (Android 4.3 and newer) and iPhone.

inside the box
While notification push, remote capture and anti-lost aren't supported with iPhone you can still answer or dial calls from your your iPhone.
Being compatible with different operating systems makes the EasySMX LG118 smartwatch a superb purchase for the money. You can also see the caller ID from the EasySMX LG118 smartwatch when you sync the contact information through Bluetooth connection.
Other things you are able to do with the EasySMX LG118 is use it as a handy digital shopping list viewer in conjunction with a smart speaker like Echo, Sonos or SoundLink that allow you to set IFTTT recipes so a shopping list can be texted to your phone which you can then view from the the EasySMX LG118 smartwatch.
As far as functionality, the EasySMX LG118 works seamlessly and it's as intuitive to use as a smartphone or classic watch.
weights 70 grams
The EasySMX LG118 LCD 1.54-inch screen is touch sensitive and high definition and it's surrounded by an aluminum metal frame with a built-in microphone, camera lens and speaker vents.
mic pin hole and 2mp camera lens
speaker grill
mesures 58.5mm x 39.5mm x 12.3mm
The wristband is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone that feels real nice on the skin. The clasp is made of 304 stainless steel (also known as A2 stainless steel) and you get twin wristband sleeves.
The removable back cover of the LG118 smartwatch is also made of plastic and it's easy to remove from the back of the watch.
Removing the cover reveals a removable 3.7V 550mAh rechargeable battery which can also be taken out with ease. Under the battery, you find the circuitry of the smartwatch along with a nano SIM card slot and a micro USB card slot that supports up to 32GB.
The EasySMX LG118 supports micro SIM cards with 2G network (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) but it does not support CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) SIMs.
On the side of the EasySMX LG118 smartwatch, you find the power button and micro USB port. The power button powers on and off the unit (long press) and also controls the navigation of menus.
As far as the display, the default screen on the EasySMX LG118 shows the time, date, battery icon, signal strength, menu tab, tools tab and current phone profile (general, silent, meeting, outdoor).
you can change from digital clock to classic analog clock
The Tools menu screen on the EasySMX LG118 is a shortcut screen with four shortcuts to phone contacts, clock settings, FM radio and mp3 player.
The Menu screen prompts the first menu from which you can toggle between eight menu screens with submenus.
1st menu
2nd menu
3rd menu
4th menu
5th menu
6th menu
7th menu
8th menu
Each menu contains four applications so you get a total of 32 applications that come preinstalled with the EasySMX LG118 smartwatch including:
                             audio player                                                                 fm radio

                                 calculator                                                                      pedometer

                               video recorder                                                         audio recorder

                               file manager                                                              sedentary reminder

You can also choose from three wallpaper themes for the EasySMX LG118 smartwatch:
                                     theme 2                                                                    theme 3

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