Mionix Avior Gaming Mouse And Mionix Deskpad Ice Cream Theme!

Friday, February 09, 2018

Greater accuracy is the name of the game! Whether you are running a high resolution triple 1080p monitor setup, single 1080p setup, or play real-time strategy (RTS) games you want greater accuracy!
The Mionix Avior features ambidextrous ergonomics (for left and right hand use), four fully programmable buttons, Japanese-made Omron switches and the PixArt PMW 3325 sensor which is a gaming-grade optical sensor that tracks at an insanely 5000 native DPI, which means super high resolution that gives you more precise and accurate tracking.
With 5000 DPI, you only have to move the mouse cursor ever so slightly to get across the screen faster.
This means if you were to use a display with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 you would only need to move the mouse on your mousepad 1 cm to move across the screen.
Avior weighs 20 grams
Avior measures 4.92 inches long x 2.51 inches wide x 1.42 inches high
the ice cream theme...Mionix Avior on top of Mionix Deskpad
The Mionix Deskpad above is well comfy too, water repellant and most importantly it helps tracking performance.
The deskpad is soft with overlocked edge and 3 mm thick non-slip rubber base. The Mionix deskpad measures 90 cm long x 44 cm wide x 3 mm thick.
The beauty of using a fast high DPI wired mouse like the Mionix Avior is that you barely have to move your hand and wrist in order to move the mouse cursor with precision and accuracy when closing/minimizing windows.
When playing first-person shooter video games like Battlefield or Arma, high DPI is a must in order to accurately and effectively use agile vehicles like the Su-34 fullback fighter bomber with precision.
the Avior mouse has similar spec to the Mionix Castor mouse
A few other features you get with the Mionix Avior gaming mouse is 1000Hz polling rate (1ms response time) which can be adjusted down to 500Hz, 250Hz and 125Hz polling rate so you can get the speed and response you want. You can also adjust the native 5000 DPI down all the way to 200 DPI in increments of 100 DPI.
over 3ft long tangle free cable
Being able to adjust both DPI and polling rate means you can mix and match from low DPI with high polling rate response to high DPI with slow response or whatever you want. High DPI is perfect for RTS gaming or massively-multiplayer-online-gaming (MMO) where a high DPI allows fast forward map movement without having to lift the mouse.
To be able to adjust the Avior gaming mouse, you need to download and install the Mionix Hub (available for Windows and Mac computers) which lets you control the buttons and adjust polling rate, click latency and DPI sensitivity of the Mionix Avior mouse.

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