Rode NT5 Small Diaphragm Condenser Matched Pair Microphones

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

When recording vocals and acoustic music in stereo, you want a matched pair of short-diaphragm condenser microphones like the Rode NT5 to do the job!
The Rode NT5 have a pencil design so they have a very compact footprint that is ideal for an XY stereo setup where you can position both microphones close together at the same point.
The Rode NT5 matched pair are true "externally polarized" condenser microphones that require external phantom power to operate, unlike electret microphones which don't need external power to work as they integrate an internal capacitor battery.
Having externally polarized condenser capsules means the NT5 matched pair require 24 volts or 48 volt phantom power to work.
The good news is that you don't need a dedicated phantom power supply as long as you are hooking the NT5 matched pair to a mixing desk, audio interface or portable recorder with dual XLR microphone input like the Zoom H4n Pro.
The NT5 matched pair mics feature a gold sputtered small diaphragm, which means the NT5's 1/2-inch capsule diaphragm (also known as membrane) is coated with a thin film layer of real gold.
Gold is great for conductivity so the NT5 matched pair deliver very good sound quality, wide frequency response and natural transient response. The NT5's high sensitivity output (-38 dBV) makes them also ideal matched pair microphones for recording attack drumheads or the pick of a guitar.
mic windshields included
The NT5 microphones have a heavy-duty body plated in satin-nickel that gives the NT5 mics a golden-like finish.
Another plus when buying a matched pair of microphones like the NT5 is that you won't have to worry about pickup consistency of the microphones. This is because during manufacturing there are always discrepancies even with microphones of the same model.
This means single microphones of the same model are not exactly matched the same. When you buy a matched pair of microphones, it means both microphones are tweaked at the same time using the same values.
3-pin XLR
For clear left and right stereo imaging, you definitely want a matched pair of microphones as opposed to buying two single microphones of the same model if you want to get the best sound recording and reproduction. 
The NT5 matched pair perform exceptionally well with both acoustic and electric instruments. If you plan to do outdoor audio field recording or whispering recording like ASMR, the NT5 are also perfect thanks to their high sensitivity and low noise.
The NT5 pick up sound crystal clear and in detail and that is thanks to their powerful 78 dB signal to noise ratio. This  makes the sound recorded with the NT5 mics sound clean and professional because the higher the signal the less background noise the microphone picks up.
When buying a stereo matched pair like the NT5 pair microphones, you will want to also get a microphone stereo bar solution so you can mount the NT5 matched pair microphones in a stereo array.
The Rode NT5 matched pair come with two durable Rode RM5 mic clips which fit both NT55 microphones and NT5 microphones.
the smaller thread is the 3/8-inch thread
The RM5 clips integrates dual threads (5/8-inch thread and 3/8-inch thread) so you can attach the mic clips to a standard 3/8-inch microphone stand or 5/8-inch microphone stereo bar.
Aside from being  small diaphragm microphones, the NT5 matched pair are also end-address cardioid microphones with a fixed pickup pattern.
NT5's capsules can be interchanged with NT45-O omnidirectional capsules
This means sound is picked up from the top of the NT5 microphone as opposed to a side-address microphone like the Rode NT1 where sound is picked up from either side of the microphone. 
At 100 grams in weight and measuring 11.8 cm long, 2 cm wide and 2 cm deep, the NT5 matched pair microphones are small, lightweight, compact and ideally suited as piano mics, overhead mics, and close-miking as well as for recording spoken word, live singing and live sound like an orchestra band.

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