WACACO 18 Bar Nanopresso Double Shot + Barista Kit

Friday, February 16, 2018

A mini espresso coffee machine that you can take with you on the go is a dream come true for true coffee lovers!
If you too love coffee brewing, you are really going to love this compact coffee maker solution by Wacaco called the Nanopresso!
The Nanopresso is a hand-powered coffee gadget that lets you enjoy espresso coffee in a couple of minutes without using any electricity.
The Nanopresso is perfect for using in the train to work, camping or hiking on trails as it takes very minimal space. You can fit the Nanopresso in a backpack, tote bag, or commuter bag.
Considering how expensive a cup of coffee can be these days, a coffee brewer solution like the Nanopresso is a heaven sent for those commuting to work as all you'll need is a hot water thermo bottle.
Those not lucky enough to work somewhere in an office with a free coffee machine will also love having the Wacaco Nanopresso handy by your work desk while everybody else goes off strolling to the local 3rd wave coffee bar.
And, it's not just the practicality of being portable that lets you take the Nanopresso out on a boat. The Nanopresso makes a great replacement for a coffee machine in the kitchen too because of its small footprint and superb performance.
At such a low price, the Nanopresso truly and really gives more expensive coffee machines a run for their money and without the noise too.
Plus, the Nanopresso is also fun to operate as it's literary hands-on. Simply push the piston pump a few times to build the pressure up and then watch the smooth extraction of the coffee.
Nanopresso is made of BPA free non-toxic plastic
piston pump
The mechanical hand pump built-into the Nanopresso produces an amazing 18 bar (261 PSI) of stable pressure which is quite remarkable considering the Nanopresso does not use electricity nor rotary/vibratory pumps that you get in professional and home espresso machines.
pressurised head
The WACACO Nanopresso is actually a much improved version of the Minipresso that came out a couple of years ago. The Nanopresso has a different portafilter mechanism and a water tank with an external heatsink design that absorbs and protects your hands from the heat.
The Nanopresso works the same way as the Minipresso but it's overall smaller and can hold more water (80ml) than the Minipresso water tank
It's also worth mentioning that the Nanopresso uses a pressurised head or pressurized portafilter with a spring-loaded valve inside the portafilter that only opens when a certain pressure is reached. This is why it takes a few pumps before the Nanopresso lets coffee flow through.
portafilter head disassembly showing spring-loaded valve
You can actually remove this valve from the Nanopresso portafilter so that you can use the Nanopresso as a classic espresso machine. If you do so, you will need to adjust manually the coffe grind size to reach the right brewing pressure.
the Nanopresso measures 15.6 cm tall and weighs 336 grams
You can use any type of coffee beans and coffee bean roast level to make an espresso. All you need is hot water and your preferred sweetener and you're good to go. Before pouring hot water in the Nanopresso water tank, you want to make sure to use finely grounded coffee and to tamper the coffee hard.
You can make different variations of espresso coffee with the Nanopresso from single espresso (30ml) and double (doppio) espresso shots (60mls), as well as ristretto shots which are concentrated short shots of espresso coffee.
While the Nanopresso makes single espressos only, you can get the Wacaco Barista kit which allows you to expand the Nanopresso to make double espresso shots. The Barista kit comes with 

two 16-gram  and one 8-gram coffee filter baskets


140ml water tank 

espresso cup
The Nanopresso coffee filter baskets are also improved as they're made of a ceramic-like material so they feel very solid and lightweight. The also come with lids.
Along with the Nanopresso pump and zipper hard case, you also get a built-in espresso cup, a coffee scoop, a brush, warranty card, two stickers, and a handy user guide with diagrams showing you how to use the Nanopresso and how to take care of it. 
Nanopresso Case is designed to fit the Nanopresso pump like a glove. The case is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber material and soft fabric interior lining.

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