Cherry Gentix Silent Symmetrical Mouse Optical USB 1000 DPI

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sometimes in life less is more! For those who aren't looking for a 20 button mouse will find the Cherry Gentix Silent corded mouse a breath of fresh air in its simplicity without extras on top and no bells and whistles. It just gets the job done superbly!
The Cherry Gentix Silent is a corded, symmetrical USB mouse with 1000 dpi optical resolution which is high enough optical resolution for covering left to right across dual-monitor screens with only two inches of mouse movement.
You get a total of three touch-sensitive buttons, all of which have silent clicks. These include left and right click buttons and the scroll wheel which also has a button functionality.
The top surface of the Cherry Gentix Silent symmetrical mouse has a special black finish coating that prevents scuffing and scratching, while the sides of the Gentix Silent mouse have rubber sections that let you grip the mouse comfortably in your hand.
The bottom of the Gentix Silent mouse has flat rubber pads that let the mouse glide smoothly on hard and soft surfaces.

The USB cable is very long (1.8 meters long) and can be plugged into a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port drawing very little electricity (100mA  or 0.5 watts) when connected to the USB port of a computer or laptop.
In fact, the digital clock in a microwave oven consumes more electricity while in standby mode. This is according to an article written by the Ecomonist where this is claimed which goes to show how one can be wasting electricity in the places we aren't looking!
Cherry model JM-0310
At 116 grams in weight, the Gentix Silent mouse feels pretty lightweight. It measures approximately 11.2 cm long, 6.8 cm wide and 3.5 cm high, making it a nice fit for small to medium size hands.
The life expectancy of the Gentix Silent USB mouse switches is 3 million mouse clicks, coupled that with the 2 year warranty provided by Cherry gives you confidence of the durability of the Cherry Gentix Silent mouse, which for the price is absolute value for money.

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