Adonit Mini 4 Precision Passive Stylus Universal Touchscreen

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Human fingers work great with touch screens but if you are tired of oily smudges, it's time to try out a pen stylus for size!
With a touchscreen stylus, you won't be smearing oils all over the screen, plus a pen stylus helps you go paperless by encouraging you to use your smartphone for jotting down handwritten notes while on the go.
All styli are not created equal though, as some styli such as the Apple Pencil only work with the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models.
Whichever the stylus brand, you can get active styli and passive styli which can come rubber tips or plastic discs like in the case of the Adonit Mini 4 precision passive stylus.
The Mini 4 precision stylus has the design of a screw cap tactical pen with a metal body and an additional screw thread on the bottom of the pen so you can screw the top cap securely.
The top cap of the Mini 4 precision stylus also features an indent so you can clip the Mini 4 to anything.
Compared to the Droid stylus and the Pro 3 stylus, the Mini 4 stylus is middle of the road in terms of body size (109mm/close and 126mm/open). The Mini 4 weighs just 15.4 grams so it's roughly 3 grams lighter than than the Pro 3 pen and 2 grams heavier than the Droid pen.
In terms of usability, lag is hardly noticeable with the Mini 4 and it works great on small smartphone screens. You don't have to press hard to register touches either, even on a low to mid resolution touchscreen.
The Mini 4 also works well on larger screens like the old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 series which features a built-in potentiometer that less you adjust the sensitivity of the screen.
If you own a newer android phone with high resolution touchscreens such as the Samsung S series S8 and S9 phone models, the Droid stylus is better suited. Buy the Mini 4 on amazonCheck out the review of the Adonit Note-M Mouse Pen.

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