Depstech Borescope Inspection Camera For Smartphones

Friday, July 13, 2018

The saying that says "there is a tool for every job" isn't just an old adage but good old common sense that if you use the right tools for the right job you will get the job done!
Any handyman can definitely validate that there is a tool for every job and one tool you certainly want to have at hand for checking small, inaccessible spaces such as shower traps, the interior of a wall and PVC drains is a borescope.
mirror attachment included
A borescope is an inspection camera consisting of a long probe with a camera lens on one end and a viewing display on the other linked together by an optical relay. Borescopes are essentially the endoscope version doctors use to see inside of your body when carrying out an endoscopy. The Depstech borescope inspection camera though is much more compact, weighing only 390 grams.
Borescopes tend to cost quite a bit but fortunately there are budget options out there like the Depstech Borescope WF020 that work as good as the professional inspection cameras tradesmen use.
What's neat about the Depstech wifi inspection camera is that it uses a smartphone or tablet as the viewing display so you're not restricted to a tiny screen!
The Depstech borescope connects to a smartphone of tablet via the borescope's own wifi signal (10M/33ft range) using the free Depstech app that you download from Google Play or App Store to view the live stream.
You can use a computer's web browser too as the viewing display by connecting to the Depstech borescope's wifi access point (Jetion_**) instead of your home's wifi in order to view the video stream.
The probe tube is a 10 meter long cable with a massive 16 inch focal distance (depth of field) which is the maximum distance the lens can show a clear image (the minimum distance for a clear image is 1.2 inches). The Depstech borescope camera head diameter is 8.5mm with a fixed focal length and a depth of field between 3cm and 40cm.
The resolution of the Depstech inspection camera is 1200p (via a 2 megapixel camera) which is high resolution viewing with low frame rate (30fps) so video playback looks laggy when moving the camera around.
With that said, because of the high resolution (1600x1200) you can capture high-definition images and record clear live video (in AVI format).
Considering the purpose for which the Depstech borescope will be used to explore concealed spaces, the low frame rate is not a deal breaker. After all, it's not like you will be using it for first person shooter gaming where smooth video playback is required; hence the higher the frame rate the better.
Plus, the Depstech borescope probe and camera have an IP67 waterproof rating of 1 meter depth of water (5 minutes submersion), built-in leds to help you see and accessories (hook, magnet, and mirror attachments).
magnet attachment
The Depstech probe is made of a semi-rigid cable so it can bend and hold its shape thanks to the integrated soft metal
Since the Depstech doesn't integrate a viewing display what you get instead is a control box that contains a 1800mAh high capacity lithium battery that provides 4 hours of battery life.
The control box also features two small led indicators (wifi signal and power), an on/off power switch, an led brightness control dial (6 levels of brightness), a reset button and a micro USB port.
The reset button is recessed and comes useful for resetting the camera when changing the WIFI password which would otherwise brick the unit. When charging the unit, a green led light turns on and then turn off after full charge is complete.
The Depstech borescope supports Android devices (Android OS 2.3 and higher), as well as iPhones (iOS 6.0 and higher). Set up takes literary a couple of minutes, including downloading the Depstech-Wifi app.
display orientation automatically adjusts when tilted
Depstech 1 year limited warranty

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