GameSir G5 Customizable Mobile Controller Bluetooth 5.0

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fortnite and Pubg being the most popular mobile games right now, there is no better time than now to pick up a mobile controller for your smartphone!
While there are plenty of choices, all mobile controllers are not created equal so you want to choose a mobile controller based on design feel, wireless connectivity, controller support, responsive inputs and configurable button layout.
The GameSir G5 mobile controller ticks all of the above and more! The G5 is a bluetooth 5.0 controller that feels like an Xbox Elite controller and has a similar construction to the G4S Android controller.
The Gamesir G5 also has both customizable layout and full haptic trackpad (similar to the MacBook haptic trackpad) that lets you press on the screen without actually touching the screen.
You can  turn the trackpad into buttons or swipes and you can configure on-screen finger taps into a button press of your choosing.
While you have to get used to the trackpad as not having a right joystick feels strange, it's all worth it because the Gamesir G5 works as a joystick and a mouse, plus you get eight additional face buttons.
The Gamesir G5 has traditional gamepad features too such as a left joystick, d-pad, hand grips, bumpers and triggers.
Talking about triggers, you get two trigger buttons on the back and two on top and they all use mechanical inputs (like mechanical keyboard switches) so the triggers make a clicky noise.
Auto-fire turbo mode
If having a full haptic trackpad on a mobile controller wasn't cool enough, the GameSir G5 has another trick up-its-sleeve and that is a removable grip that reveals a secret compartment.
The secret compartment houses a USB port designed to connect a computer keyboard or computer mouse to the G5 controller so you can play on your phone with a keyboard and mouse without even needing a computer. The G5's peripheral functionality is similar to that of the X1 Battledock.
You can connect both wired and wireless keyboards and controllers by inserting the wireless dongle into the USB port of the GameSir G5 mobile controller which has a very long battery life (18 hours+) thanks to an 800mAh battery built-in.
the GameSir G5 weighs 200 grams
the G5 measures 15.4cm long, 10cm wide and 6.5cm thick
The GameSir G5 also comes with an adjustable rubberized bracket built-in which is a very useful feature to have on a gamepad controller as it lets you clamp your phone on-board the controller.
The small array of buttons you see on top and below the full haptic trackpad are extra face buttons that you can use as hotkeys, meaning you can assign different functions to each button which is super helpful while gaming.

As far as Apple compatibility, before you were able to use the HappyChick app to download the Pubg and Fortnite hacked version for iOS but there is no longer support for "PUBG Mobile" and iOS Fortnite due to the simulator detection by the publisher so you can now get banned.
The good news is that there is the Chinese version Pubg 0.9.5 which supports the GameSir G5 so happy days!
The Pubg mobile 0.9.5 Chinese version is an APK so you will need to side load it on your smartphone by downloading first onto your computer and then transferring it to your smartphone. You will need to grant the APK all the permissions it asks for and enable "Installation From Unknown Sources”.
When it comes to playing mobile games that don't natively support game controllers, the Gamesir G5 lets you play those games but you need to download the GameSir World app which requires to be granted with all permissions, including "Installation From Unknown Sources”.
The GameSir World app acts essentially like an emulator that you use to launch and run games such as Rules Of Survival and Tekken Mobile so you can play these games like on a games console.

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