AuCuTee Color Noise Machine Sounds For Sleep

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

How noise can be described by color when nobody can photograph sound is anybody's guess but having a purpose-built color noise machine on a nightstand bedside table is a welcome addition to doze off to!
A color noise generator like the AuCuTee machine is essentially a machine that produces so-called "colors of noise" including "white noise" which was made famous by the movie White Noise that came out in 2005.
White noise is sound containing different frequencies with equal intensities though pink noise is said to be better for getting deeper sleep because pink noise contains a mix of high and low natural frequencies. White noise is essentially artificial noise, while color noise like pink noise is sound naturally produced by nature.
Regardless of color, the AuCuTee color noise generator drowns frequencies, functioning similarly to active noise cancellation in headphones by cancelling out other sounds.
The AuCuTee noise machine is a neat alternative to herbal sleeping tablets or prescribed sleeping pills. Whether you are an insomniac, worrier or have a sleepless baby, the AuCuTee noise machine is a sound sleep aid that comes with a host of soothing noises to help you fall asleep to.
The noises you get with the AuCuTee noise machine come already preloaded and include a mixture of White noise, Pink noise, Grey noise and Brown noise.
Which color of noise is best for sleep comes down to preference so it's nice that you get a mixture of noise color sounds (a total of 20 sounds). These include beating heart sound, shhh sound, womb sound, three types of piano based lullabies, animal sounds (cricket, frog, early morning bird), crackling fire noise, ticking clock sound, a train in the distance sound, and nature sounds (waterfall, thunderstorm and babbling brook). It's worth noting that all these sounds loop over and start from the beginning.
When powered on, you can cycle through the noises using the built-in skip track buttons on the front of the machine. Along with skip track buttons and play/pause buttons, the AuCuTee noise machine features seven steps of volume. The built-in 3W 66mm 4 ohm speaker can handle loud volume without distortions. The highest volume setting can go up really loud while the lowest volume setting can be turned down fairly low (but not whisper quiet).
The AuCuTee noise machine also features a timer that allows you to set the noise machine to play for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. When the timer runs out, the noise machine remains powered on but the noise stops.
If you want the noise to go on non-stop continuously the whole night, you can turn off the timer option.
You may also want to plug the machine into a wall socket via the included power adaptor so battery won't run flat.
When using the built-in Li-Ion 1800mAh rechargeable battery, the AuCuTee color noise machine turns off every 20 minutes.
The battery takes 2.5 hours to charge and it's long lasting (14+ hours). The machine can be turned off via an ON/OFF switch and you can also insert a pair of headphones thanks to a 3.5mm audio jack.

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