TWS-X9 Sport True Wireless Earphones Gym Running IPX5

Friday, September 14, 2018

Airpods are the popular choice for many but they aren't the only choice! An excellent alternative to Apple's Airpods are the TWS-X9 true wireless earphones which are sport earbuds without cables that feature an IPX5 sweatproof rating perfect for gym workouts.
The TWS-X9 earbuds come enclosed inside a protective box that doubles as a power bank charger and storage case. The TWS-X9 charger case has a similar design to a kitchen cabinet draw so the earbuds slide out when you pull the top section apart.
earbuds weigh 5 grams
The earbuds slide out halfway because of a built-in bumper stop that prevents the earbuds sliding out fully. The top section of the box is magnetized so it soft-closes staying shut securely. The earbuds are held in place with magnets so they won't fall out from the charging cradle.
The TWS-X9 charger case can fully recharge the earphones four times over and takes just 4 hours to fully charge.

There are four led indicators to let you know the amount of charge being held. Each led indicates 25% charge.
The charger case has built-in to it a 400mAh rechargeable battery that can power the earphones for an extra 16 hours as the earphones built-in battery can power them for 3.5 hours on high volume from a single 1 hour charge.
After full charge is complete, the charger case stops charging the earbuds automatically, which is good to know since constant charging does decrease a battery's life expectancy.
the charger case weighs 32 grams and measures 10cm long, 4cm high
The TWS-X9 have a high gloss black finish with a single touch sensitive button on each earphone and a built-in microphone with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation which drowns background noise during a phone call.
Speaking of calls, when answering a call audio is only heard on the right earbud which is by design (all true wireless earbuds deliver audio to one single earbud).
The single button is surrounded by an led ring that functions as an led activity indicator. The led glows constantly during use and there is no option to turn the led off.
Aside from volume control, you can play/ pause (single tap), skip to  next song (double tap), answer and reject calls by single tapping either button during an incoming call. You can also activate your phone's smart assistant by tapping either button three times.
The TWS-X9 are wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity so you get a more stable bluetooth signal range (10 meters in direct line of sight). Pairing procedure is simple and only requires pairing one earbud to your smartphone because both earbuds are already paired to each other from factory.
Once paired, you also won't need to pair a second time as the earbud will re-connect with your phone automatically when you turn them on and Bluetooth is turned on your phone. 
As far as sound, the TWS-X9 integrate a 10mm speaker driver and a 40mAh rechargeable battery in each earbud. 
The sound is good with clear highs, a touch of bass and loud volume even though they are rated at 32 ohms which is unusually a very high impedance rating for earbuds of this size. 
Most earbuds tend to be set below 16 ohms since the higher the impedance rating the more power is required; hence a headphone amplifier dac is needed. 
With that said, the TWS-X9 wireless earphones batteries have a working voltage of 3.7V which seems to deliver enough power to the speaker drivers so the sound isn't tinny. Wearing the proper ear tip size, especially comply eartips also improves the audio quality.
silicone ear tips of three different sizes 
1 year warranty

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