PowerUp Dart Motorized Paper Plane Jet Aircraft

Monday, October 22, 2018

PowerUp Dart does what it says on the tin and that is turning a good old-fashioned paper plane into a motorized paper plane jet aircraft!
PowerUp Dart is a 6-inch long, 11.5-gram scaled down version of PowerUp 3.0 that is faster (15 mph) and features a takeoff and landing gear that lets you fly off PowerUp Dart from the ground up.
PowerUp Dart has a flight time duration of 8 minutes and a slightly stronger wireless signal that lets you fly over a 60-meter coverage.
The rechargeable 3.7v 75mAh Lithium Polymer takes 30 minutes to charge via a micro USB port located on the back of the hull of PowerUp Dart.
As far as the paper, PowerUp Dart doesn't use any special paper so you technically can use any paper other than the P1 Dreamer paper plane templates that are included with PowerUp Dart.
The size of the paper plane template is A5 which is half of an A4 paper (210mm x 148.5mm). The weight of the paper is 3 grams.
You need a very large area, preferably a grass area like a football ground to fully maneuver and cushion the crashes which there'll be plenty of when you first start off learning to fly PowerUp Dart.
At first glance, PowerUp Dart looks flimsy but it's more solid than it looks as the plane engine casing and hull are made of fiberglass reinforced Nylon material (carbon fiber).
The blade is made of thermoplastic which has a hard rubber feel to it. The cockpit houses the electronic brain of PowerUp Dart and includes the bluetooth chip.
While the engine is impact-proof, the other components aren't so durable as they are designed to be replaceable including the takeoff and landing wheels, propeller blade, cross bar stabilizer and rudder. PowerUp replaceable parts can break and get lost when crashing.
Speaking of crashing, PowerUp Dart is fairly durable but fragile in nature because of the replaceable components which means flying PowerUp Dart anywhere but a grassy area will be like flying a kamikaze mission.
PowerUp Dart isn't likely to fair too well in the long run when crashing repeatedly into concrete or hard floor at speed; hence a grassy area is your best bet.
You will need perfect weather conditions to be able to fly and control PowerUp Dart and that means no wind and no rain since paper is obviously not water-friendly nor is PowerUp Dart waterproof or water resistant.
Included with PowerUp Dart are takeoff/ landing wheels, a stabilization cross bar, two paper plane templates, one spare propeller, quick installation guide and micro-USB cable for charging PowerUp Dart.
There is also the companion app to PowerUp Dart called, PowerUp 3.0/Dart, that you download from the Google Play Store or App Store.

While PowerUp Dart app is the bit that lets you control PowerUp Dart, the app is much more than the flying controls.
The PowerUp Dart app is a well thought out learning application that includes tutorials, pre-flight checks, ground flight school and engine sound effects which make the flying experience complete.
Big or small children who are especially inclined to planes will particularly enjoy this aspect of using PowerUp Dart.
The PowerUp Dart app cockpit dashboard features a digital throttle percentage, a digital fuel gauge, a boost button, rudder adjustment, bluetooth signal strength and flying timer.
On the top right corner of the Powerup Dart app, there is also a small gear that takes you to the settings page.
The red circle you see in the bottom center of the cockpit view of the app is the yoke that controls the attitude of the plane (pitch and roll), while the L/R gradient marking is for controlling/adjusting the rudder left and right direction of the plane.
The PowerUp Dart app cockpit locks itself automatically within a few seconds of inactivity, locking down the flying controls to prevent the plane flying off. To unlock, you simply double tap.
The app cockpit view also automatically changes from portrait to landscape mode when tilting your phone sideways.

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