Xfyro Aria Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones IP67 Waterproof

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Five is a popular number these days representing two up-and-coming wireless technologies, the 5G mobile network and Bluetooth 5.0. While 5G technology is somewhat surrounded by some controversy regarding safety dangers, Bluetooth 5.0 in the other hand is being welcome with open arms and it's not hard to see why because the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0 are plain to see for everyone!
Bluetooth 5.0 continues where Bluetooth 4.2 left off by improving on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) power consumption, faster transfer speed (up to 2 Mbps) and greater wireless range. With Bluetooth 5.0, you also get a new cool feature and that is simultaneous audio playback across two devices.
There is definitely a lot to like about Bluetooth 5.0 and so is smartphones that support Bluetooth 5.0 such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If your smartphone supports Bluetooth 5.0 and you like listening to music on the go, it's a no brainer getting a pair of headphones such as the Xfyro Aria which also support Bluetooth 5.0 to reap the benefits.
The Xfyro Aria are in-ear style headphones with zero cables so you simply get two ear pieces that you stick inside your ears like a pair of earplugs. True wireless earphones are pretty cool indeed and the Xfyro Aria are two beautiful black pearls with a high gloss black touch button and sleak matt black thermoplastic body surrounded by a rubber ear wing that provides a more secure fit in the ears.
The Xfyro Aria single control buttons are able to operate all functions including volume. Single tap the left earbud to lower the volume and single tap the right earbud to increase the volume. 
Double tap the left earbud to activate voice assistant and double tap the right earbud to pause the audio. Skipping of tracks is done by holding down the buttons (left to skip back and right to skip forward).
Two-way calls are also supported on the Xfyro Aria earbuds but only if your device supports it. Taking a call can be done by tapping either button, while ending and rejecting a call is done by holding either button during an incoming call. The call audio is loud and clear thanks to both ear pieces having a built-in microphone with noise filter.
The Xfyro Aria earbuds have another distinct feature and that is huge 16mm speaker drivers, which is three times the size of most true wireless earbuds. The Xfyro Aria earbuds nozzle body measure 2.6cm long, 18cm wide and 2.6cm high (including the top of the ear wing).
Considering the size of the Xfyro Aria earbuds, you get a massive 8 hours of battery life (on 60% volume) which is further extended to 32 hours with the use of a companion power bank charger case that comes with the Xfyro Aria earbuds. The charger case can hold 24 hours of battery power which is enough to charge the Xfyro Aria earbuds three times over.
Bear mind though that to benefit from the Xfyro Aria earbuds long battery life, your smartphone must also integrate a Bluetooth 5.0 chip which is also capable of a longer wireless range. In the case of the Xfyro Aria earbuds though, you only get the standard 10-meter range which is not surprising since wireless earbuds like the Xfyro Aria aren't able to generate strong enough voltage and current to extend the signal further.
The Xfyro Aria powerbank charger case has the same sleak design as the earbuds, integrating magnetic charging via metal prongs which connect the two metal contacts located on the underside of the Xfyro Aria earbuds.
case dimensions: 5.5cm diameter, 3cm high
The charger case also features an on/off power button as well as four battery level leds and will turn off the earbuds automatically when placed inside the charger.
Charging is super quick thanks to the integration of fast charging technology that allows the Xfyro Aria earbuds to store 3 hours worth of battery power from a 15-minute charge. Very impressive!
Pairing the Xfyro Aria earbuds is easy too. Power both earbuds and wait 10 seconds for the primary earbud (Right-flashes red and blue) to pair to the secondary earbud (Left- flashes blue only).
You can use the Xfyro Aria earbuds in mono mode, using one earpiece but you can only do this with the Left secondary earbud. Check out the review of the xFyro ANC Pro earbuds.

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  1. This is a scam, do not buy it! Everyone is waiting for 6-10 months and rather than spend money on proper systems to be able to handle existing customers and tell them when they are going to get their ear buds delivered, they’re spending lots of money on attracting new customers and getting reviews. DON’T fall for it. Read a few comments on the indiegogo page…

    Plenty of great ear buds out there from companies that don’t treat you like sh** once you’ve paid.


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