STM Myth 18L Backpack For 15-inch Thin Bezel Laptop

Monday, March 18, 2019

A laptop is probably the most expensive electronic you will ever carry in a bag so it makes sense to use a stylish bag like the STM Myth 18L laptop backpack that has in mind safekeeping your valuables with thick padding and fleece lining.
The STM Myth backpack addresses a very common issue you get with many laptop bags and that is no corner and bottom protection.
Many laptop backpack compartments feature an elastic velcro strap to secure the laptop in the compartment which is okay, but without foam padding on the corners and bottom of the compartment the laptop isn't as protected as you think.
There is no elastic velcro strap on the laptop compartment of the STM Myth backpack; instead, you get a single long strip of thick padding along the sides and bottom of the internal compartments, keeping valuable electronics like your laptop away from the backpack sides and bottom edges.

side hinges
The foam material used for the padding of the STM Myth 18 litre backpack is polyethylene foam, which is the same type of protective cushion packaging used by delivery companies to protect fragile items from impact during transportation.
The STM Myth laptop backpack compartment is designed to fit a slimline 15-inch laptop such as the Apple Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface Book 2, Lenovo Legion Y530 and Dell XPS, doing a good job at keeping a 15-inch thin bezel laptop snugly in the compartment and without movement.
The STM Myth backpack is a very stylish backpack but it's currently limited to 15-inch thin laptops as there is currently no smaller or larger versions the STM Myth Backpack to fit, say, a 13-inch Acer Swift 7 laptop or a 17-inch Asus Strix Scar II laptop. If you require a 13-inch protective bag, it's check out the Trestle backpack and Ridge laptop sleeve.
reflective strip for cycling
Like with any laptop backpack though, you want a laptop backpack to fit your laptop so you wouldn't want to keep a smaller laptop inside the STM Myth 15-inch laptop 18 litre backpack.
chest strap
The reason being is that a smaller 13-inch laptop would fit loosely so when carrying the smaller laptop around you will feel it moving and bumping into the sides.
When fully expanded, the STM Myth backpack measures 45cm long, 29cm think and 15cm, weighing just 1kg without contents.
front pocket
The outer exterior of the STM Myth backpack is made of 100% polyester fabric with C6 DWR (Durable water repellent) coating applied to the fabric to make it water repellent. STM lists C6 DWR coating, referring to PFC based fluorocarbon (a toxic compound).
C6 PFC based fluorocarbon is meant to be safer than the more toxic (and now banned) C8 PFC based fluorocarbon which, believe it or not, was used in nonstick cookware and outdoor clothing. What made C8 PFC a popular choice for DWR coatings was its longevity after being washed, lasting hundreds of washes. C6 DWR coating is safer but runs out after around 20 washes so the difference is pretty notable.
Luckily, a backpack is no something you wear on your skin but it's still good to know that STM lists this compound in the website description of the backpack.
This STM Myth backpack has a grey and black color scheme with about 50% of the bag having a textured granite grey polyester finish, while the other 50% having a smoother texture black polyester finish.
The outer zippers on the STM Myth backpack have a reverse coil zipper design with PVC or rubber covering that makes the zipper water resistant. You can always tell a reverse coil zipper design because the zipper doesn't show the teeth.
The shoulder pads are made of thick padding with the front of the shoulder pads covered with the same textured granite grey polyester finish while the back is covered with breathable mesh fabric.
The handle of the STM Myth backpack and the zipper pull tabs are made of TPU which is a durable plastic material made to feel like soft silicone rubber.
Both the handle and pull tabs have a nice touch of hardware. The handle is attached to the top of the backpack via one rivet on either side, while the pull tabs are secured to the zippers pull tabs via a single rivet (permanent fastener).
As far as smart features, the STM Myth backpack has a suitcase strap which is a suitcase handle sleeve designed to attach a bag to the handle of a suitcase.
suitcase sleeve
The suitcase strap is seamlessly integrated with the backside padding of the backpack which is very comfortable thanks to 2-inch thick padding that separates the back of the backpack from your backside so you don't get a sweaty back.
The STM Myth backpack also has orange clips and a rubber strap for cable management so you can keep cables and wired earphones tidy inside the bag.
There is a pass-through hole openings inside the STM Myth backpack which is designed to thread a charging cable from a power bank to charge a laptop and other electronics located in different compartments.
The STM Myth backpack also comes with an augmented reality tag that generates a 3D animation of the STM Myth 18L backpack inside and out.
In order to run the augmented reality, you need to download the STM GOODS mobile app to your phone and follow the on-screen prompts. You can get the app via Google Play Store, Mac App Store or QR scan.
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