Function101 BentoStack Charge 5000 mAh Qi Wireless PowerBank

Friday, April 05, 2019

The average tech user will steadily amass quite a lot of cables and adapters over a period of time, creating a bit of a problem for those who like keeping things tidy!
Using ziplock bags is a legit way to store your essential accessories but you may want to look into a lunchbox approach to organizing your accessories with the Function101 BentoStack Charge.
The Function101 BentoStack Charge offers a more stylish and neater way to organize your dongles, cables and adapters. BentoStack Charge is mainly geared towards Apple users to store and take their Apple products on the go but even Android users can find good use out of the BentoStack Charge because of its functional and universal approach.
BentoStack Charge retains the same design seen in the original BentoStack combining now power storage, as well as accessory storage into one neatly organized package that really stands out on a desk.
BentoStack Charge 5000 mAh powerbank is dual purpose so it can recharge devices wirelessly as well as via standard USB-A port which can deliver a maximum output of 12 watts (5V/2.4A). The maximum wireless charging output is 10W (5V/2A) and there is also a slower 5W wireless charging output (5V/1A).
If you are wondering why wireless charging is noticeably slower than wired charging that is because transmitting power witlessly is not as efficient. It takes approximately 10 watts of wireless power transmission to transmit 1 watt of power.
USB-C to USB-A cable included
Wireless charging technology can theoretically work up to 4.5 meters in distance but long distance wireless charging brings about the concern of safety; hence the tight regulations by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
BentoStack Charge wireless charging transmission is less than 8mm and with the 5W trickle charging option it eliminates any safety concerns; hence you are able to safely trickle charge overnight your phone battery with the BentoStack Charge powerbank.
The BentoStack Charge 5000 mAh powerbank (18.5Wh) recharges via USB-C connection into the BentoStack Charge's USB-C port which can deliver 5V/2A and 9V/1.67A. When trying to charge wirelessly it's worth keeping in mind that BentoStack Charge is a Qi-enabled wireless charger so your phone has to have Qi wireless charging capability built-in.
BentoStack Charge uses a single-coil solution which performs pretty good considering the popularity of multi-coil setups. You can get 5-coil setups although more coils doesn't equal more power output but multi-coil solutions do have the distinctive advantage of allowing to place your phone anywhere on the pad to begin charging.
Another neat feature with the BentoStack Charge powerbank is pass-through charging when connected to a power supply.
This means while the powerbank is charging it is also able to charge any device that is connected. In fact, power charge is sent to the charging device first before the powerbank so your devices get first charging priority.
There are four leds lights on the side of the BentoStack Charge powerbank, as well as a power button to activate the powerbank.
four curved lips on the bottom of the BentoStack that function as stand feet
If you are a user with lots of dongles, adapters and accessories, you'll definitely like the BentoStack Charge clean and functional way to organize accessories. You get three separate compartments that stack on top of each other with lid dividers in between.
The top lid divider is designed to fit an Apple Pencil but can also double as a handy stand for your phone.
The second lid divider is designed for two apple watch straps but you can find another use for it too like a money clip.

There are a total of two compartments each of which feature two dividers so you can store things like charging adapters, charging bricks or cables. The bottom compartment has the largest depth which is perfect for bulkier items.
The BentoStack Charge is secured together two ways, namely the lid dividers which have bezels around their edges allowing the compartment to sit securely in place, and one thick and large rubber elastic band which keeps the BentoStack Charge rigid unit stuck together.
There is also a smaller elastic band included which is designed to secure the middle compartment to the powerbank lid, so you are essentially getting a 2-in-1 storage solution. The technical specifications of the BentoStack Charge are as follows:
Dimensions: Total overall height: 10.5cm
Bottom compartment height: 5cm
Middle compartment height: 2.8cm
Top powerbank lid height: 1.7cm
19cm long x 9cm wide
Weight: Total overall weight: 535g
Large rubber band: 13g
Top powerbank lid: 203g
mid-compartment with lid divider: 132g
Bottom compartment with lid divider: 185g
Middle compartment lid: 34g
Bottom compartment lid: 36g
Small rubber band: 10g
Middle compartment spacers: 6g each
Bottom compartment spacers 7g each
Depending on your needs, some users may find the way the BentoStack Charge Power bank is held together somewhat tedious and time consuming, while other users won't mind the extra time undoing the elastic band. Whichever case maybe, there is no doubt many people will appreciate BentoStack's unique and "out of the box" thinking approach to organizing everyday tech accessories, especially Apple's ecosystem of accessories!

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