Letsfit D32 Bluetooth Earbuds Without Wires

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wireless headphones are a game changer especially tiny Bluetooth earbuds without wires that you can use discreetly and comfortably for making calls and listening to music while at the gym or commuting to work.
The neat thing about wireless earbuds these days is that you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a decent pair like the Letsfit D32 earbuds.
The D32 earbuds have an ergonomic design with angled nozzle tips which prevent them from falling easily out of the ears. You can wear them for a couple of hours without feeling discomfort thanks to the smooth body finish.
The D32 earbuds have an IPX5 rating as well so you can use them while exercising in the gym or running outside in the rain.
Like all wireless headphones, the max volume is limited for the safety of your ears which is a good thing but sometimes the max volume isn't very loud in some wireless earbuds. With the Letsfit D32 though, the max volume level is loud enough to be able to play music fairly loud without hurting your ear drums.
Standard accessories are also included with the Letsfit D32 earbuds, including three sizes of ear tips so you can find a good fit which is important especially if you want to cancel out outside noise and get the best out of the bass frequencies.
Speaking of bass, the tiny hole you see above the two circular gold metal contacts is an air hole similar to a reflex port hole you find at the back of cabinet speakers to help improve bass response; although given the size of the earbuds one can't expect a lot of bass of tiny earbuds like these.
The small 5.8mm drivers favor the mid and frequency range so they're perfect for listening to podcasts, audio-books and genres of music without a lot of bass.
The Letsfit D32 earbuds use a charging case with micro USB for charging via a short micro USB cable which is included in the box.
Another great feature you get with the Letsfit D32 that you don't get with other no wires bluetooth earbuds is the ability to use each earbud independently from the other so you can wear one earbud while keeping the other earbud in the charger.
Many bluetooth earbuds without wires don't allow you to independently use the earbuds which is an extremely useful feature to have as it allows you to use one earbud alone without running down the battery on the other earbud.
The D32 also has two microphones, one on each earbud so you can use any earbud standalone as a bluetooth headset earpiece. You can accept calls, end calls and reject calls but you cannot mute calls.
Using them for mono calls is fine but using both D32 earbuds for stereo calls is the best way to enjoy the calling experience because not only you can hear out of both earbuds but each earbud contains a microphone which boots the amplification of the call so both you and the caller can hear your voices clearly and loudly.
The D32 wireless earbuds can last up to 3.5 hours, depending on the volume level and whether the device paired to the D32 earbuds also uses Bluetooth 5.0 (AB1526P chipset), which provides the best power consumption out of all Bluetooth versions.
The Letsfit D32 are Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds but you can still pair them with a device running Bluetooth 4.2 (or older) as Bluetooth 5.0 is backwards compatible with prior versions of Bluetooth. The wireless range coverage for the earbuds is a strong 10 meters.
The D32 dock charger case fits in the palm of your hand so it's extremely compact and doubles also as a storage case/portable power bank providing 16.5 hours of extra charging power. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge the 60mAh li-polymer battery in the earbuds and 1 hour to charge the 500mAh li-polymer battery in the charging case.
Both earbuds lock into the dock charger case magnetically so they don't fall out of the charger even when tipping the case and shaking it.
The Letsfit D32 earbuds can be paired with multiple devices but you cannot switch back and forth connected devices simultaneously because the D32 don't feature multipoint bluetooth. This means, you have to disconnect them from an ongoing connection in other to be able to connect to another device.
Saying this, both D32 earbuds can be connected simultaneously to the same device for stereo mode, which works automatically when you take both earbuds out of the charging case. Both earbuds turn on automatically and pair with each other so it's a seamless, hassle-free experience.
D32's sound driver size: 5.8mm 
Another neat feature you get with the Letsfit D32 earbuds is volume control right from the earbuds so you don't have to reach to your phone to adjust the volume. 
Volume is controlled by short pressing the multifunctional button on the right earbud (to increase volume) and left earbud to decrease volume. Saying this, the volume feature is unavailable when using the earbuds independently in mono mode. Buy it

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