Choetech XCH-M180GY USB C to HDMI Cable 4K 60Hz Adapter

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

There are times when you need to mirror or cast your smartphone screen to a TV or computer display, which can be easily done via the screen mirroring app built-in to your phone. In Android, the screen mirroring feature is called "cast screen", while in iPhone devices it's called "AirPlay Mirroring".
Both Android cast screen and Apple AirPlay work great but in the case of AirPlay you have to download a third-party software (i.e. 5K Player) if you want to screen cast to a non-Apple TV, Android TV or PC.
Third-party screen mirroring software requires registration and sometimes additional software to download (i.e. Bonjour services for Apple), as well as have both the phone and device (i.e. TV) on same Wifi network.
Aside from screen mirroring software, you can screen cast via a media streaming device  like the Google Chromecast or a USB C to HDMI cable adapter like the Choetech XCH-M180GY  which is cheaper and easier to use than the Chromecast as there is no setup required.
With Google's Chromecast, you need to download the Google Home app whereas the Choetech USB C to HDMI cable adapter is plug and play; and, it's cross platform compatible with a range of USB-C devices, including USB-C smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC U11) and Macintosh desktop computers (iMacs), as well as USB-C laptops and tablets such as the 2018 iPad Pro, Surface Book 2 and Chromebook.
If you're an iPad Pro user and want to buy the Choetech USB C to HDMI cable adapter, make sure your iPad Pro is the USB-C model released in 2018 as the previous models of the iPad Pro feature Apple's Lightning connector.
As long as your USB-C device supports audio/video output over the USB-C port, the Choetech USB C to HDMI cable adapter will work. Not all USB-C devices support video output though and that includes the Huawei P9. When connecting to a TV, it's worth remembering to change the source input to whichever HDMI port you plug it into by using the source button on your remote and going through the HDMI list.
Another neat feature you get with the Choetech XCH-M180GY, that you don't get with other USB C to HDMI cable adapters is a built-in USB-C Power Delivery port that can deliver up to 60 watts of power, which is enough power to charge the latest 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro.
The USB C PD port is a useful addition though it doesn't have the capabilities of Thunderbolt 3, which would allow you to daisy-chain two or more Choetech XCH-M180GY adapters.
The overall design of the Choetech adapter is rugged and premium feeling with gold-plated connectors and grey plastic that mimics the space grey aluminum finish of the MacBook.
When charging your iPhone, you will need to use a USB C to Lightning cable and it's worth getting a MFI certified USB C to Lightning cable that is authorized by Apple so you are getting a high quality cable that is reliable to work and can deliver fast data transfer (480Mbps) and fast charge (up to 3A).
Non-MFI USB C to Lightning cables, don't integrate the authentication chip that tells your device it's Apple MFI Certified so you may get a message saying "this cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably".
Whether screen mirroring (a.k.a wireless display), media streaming or screen casting, they are all good choices although a wired connection via HDMI has less latency than a wireless display, particularly if both devices are far away from each other. If you do wireless screen mirroring to a smart TV, it's best having the smart TV wired via Ethernet to make the bandwidth more efficient. This is because when both devices use Wifi, the network packet is transmitted twice, chewing up a lot of the bandwidth.
The Choetech XCH-M180GY USB C male cable to HDMI male adapter allows you to connect to 4K displays at 60Hz so you can easily connect and output video from a Mac or other compatible device to an external 4k display that supports the high quality of 60Hz.
If you have a dual setup 4k monitor, the maximum resolution you can get on the second monitor is 1080p. Overall, you can't go wrong with this Choetech dongle solution as you are able to connect a USB-C laptop to an external monitor and get power at the same time, all through one cable!

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