Letsfit Fitness Tracker ID131Color HR Calorie Counter & Vibrating Alarm

Friday, July 05, 2019

They call it a marketer's dream when a product is absolutely unbeatable because it is cheaper and comparable to the competition!
The Letsfit ID131Color HR fitness tracker has all of the attributes marketers dream, including features seen on more expensive fitness trackers like heart rate, step count and calorie counter, and only costing a third of the price!
The construction of the Letsfit ID131Color consists of a polycarbonate body and thermoplastic polyurethane silicone wrist straps.
The Letsfit fitness watch is extremely lightweight on the wrist, weighing just 29 grams and totaling 28cm in length. The body of the watch itself measures 6cm long and 1.5cm thick.
The removable silicone wrist straps fit snugly to the body of the watch, concealing the male USB-A connector and giving the watch an IP68 resistance.
The USB-A connector allows you to insert the Letsfit ID131Color HR into the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer so you can charge it.
It's nice that the Letsfit fitness watch uses a universal connection as opposed to a proprietary connection like some fitness watches.
Universal connection is nice, but having to remove the wrist bands to access the USB connection makes the Letsfit watch not as convenient as fitness watches with a port connection that you plug a USB cable into.
The 90mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery charges via 5V 0.5A so full charge takes approximately 2 hours. There is no way to turn off the Letsfit fitness watch but standby battery life is very long (7+ days).
When enabling phone notifications and heart monitoring, the battery life does decrease quite a bit to about 3-4 days battery life, depending on how long you use these features for.
Letsfit ID131Color HR fitness tracker comes with two companion apps, VeryFitPro and VeryFitPlus. The latter doesn't work as good because of functionality issues where the VeryFitPlus app randomly changes the language on the phone, and the watch data taking too long to update on the app.
No functionality issues are found with the VeryFitPro mobile app, which works very well and has a more user friendly design layout where the user can see at a glance their activity data, sleep data and heart rate data.
Considering the price of the Letsfit ID131Color HR fitness watch, the VeryFitPro mobile app provides a lot of data to the user, as well as the ability to set vibrating alerts so the user can be alerted when they are sitting for too long or when they receive an incoming call. There is also a "camera mode" that lets you shoot pictures on your phone from the watch.
From the VeryFitPro mobile app, you can also adjust the watch's display brightness, heart rate zones, step length, and even reboot the device. Speaking of brightness, the max brightness of the watch isn't particular bright in daylight but bright enough that you can still see the display.
Unlike other fitness watches, which have a larger and brighter display and can be used standalone without an app, small fitness watches such as the Letsfit ID131Color HR are mainly tracking devices that depend on their companion app because of their small display to be able to make the most of their features. The screen size of the Letsfit ID131Color HR is 0.96 inch.
If your smartphone has a bright display, the brightness on the Letsfit ID131Color HR fitness watch won't be an issue since you'll be able to access and see the data clearly on your smartphone.  The Letsfit fitness tracker uses TFT LCD color display.
The data provided by the Letsfit watch and the VeryFitPro mobile app is pretty comprehensive and updates on the app almost instantly.
The VeryFitPro app also lets you change the language of the watch and lets you see at a glance how far you are from your daily target. You can even share the data to social media.
The mobile app connects to a phone or tablet via bluetooth 4.0 and you can only have the watch connected to one device at a time.
There are no physical buttons on the Letsfit ID131Color HR. User control consists of a multi-functional touch sensitive button located on the bottom of the screen that allows you to navigate and access the menus by tapping and holding.
There are a total of seven menus, including the main screen that shows the time and date. There is also a menu screen for the step counter, heart rate monitoring activation and activity screens (walk, run and bike).
There is also an alarm menu screen which only appears after enabling the "Alarm Alert" from the app.
The heart rate sensor built-in to the Letsfit ID131Color HR fitness tracker works very well, being able to track your heart rate quick and reliably.
Heart rate monitoring is carried out via two green leds and one light-sensitive photodiode that do a good job at measuring the blood flow through your skin.

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