Audew USB C Jump Starter Car Battery 20000mAh Power Bank

Thursday, August 15, 2019

It's amazing the bits of kit that modern technology can come up like a battery pack to boost up your car when your old battery won't start it!
The latest on jump starting technology for cars comes by way of small lithium jumper packs that can discharge much higher than bulky, lead acid battery jump starters, weighing twice the size.
The biggest drawback with lead acid jumper packs has always been their limited lifespan as over time they start to go bad when completely discharged. Lead-acid car batteries, in the other hand, don't suffer the same problem because they get charged and discharged every time you start the engine.
If you want a good, reliable solution to give an old car battery enough voltage so, it can crank the engine and start it, lithium-ion booster packs are the way to go. They, not only, will start any vehicle but also last a long time as you can get up to 1000 jump starts out of a small lithium power pack.
The Audew USB C jump starter car battery is small, lightweight and takes up very little space inside the boot of a car. In fact, you can stow it away in the dashboard glove box and forget it for months because the Audew lithium-ion battery jump pack can stay charged for a really long time compared to lead acid battery jump starters.
That said, if you plan to store the Audew juice pack in the car it's best taking it out of the car for the winter months because lithium ion booster packs don't like the cold. In fact, at very low negative temperatures, lithium ion juice packs will shut off and won't work.
The 560-gram Audew 20000mAh jump starter measures just 22cm long, 8.9cm wide and 2.7cm thick yet, it packs a starting current of 500 amps and a peak current of 1500 amps, which is enough current to start small to medium size engines with 12 volt batteries.
With peak current, the higher the rating the better. The Audew jump starter has 1500 amps of peak current, meaning it can provide enough power to jump start one very large engine or several small engines. The starting current rating is also very important because different engines require a certain amount of amps to crank over. The Audew jump starter can provide up to 500 amps of starting current, which is more than enough amps to crank over small/ medium size engines.
Small/medium size engines require up to 300 amps to crank over, while pickup trucks, large cargo/passenger vans and luton vans can require up to 1000 amps to start. You can use the Audew battery booster pack with large and small vehicles but...
The only thing to keep in mind, it's that with a 1000-amp jump start you will only be able to use the Audew battery booster pack one time from a single charge..
The lcd display, led light indicators and noise alerts on the clamps really makes using the unit even easier. Green (correct) light means, all is in order to boost the engine. A buzzing red (reverse) light means a wrong connection. A blinking green (correct) light means, you need to press the boost button because current in the car battery is too low.
If you only plan to do 200-amp jump starts on engines, the Audew jump starter has enough Ampere hours to jump start these smaller engines 30+ times and all from a single charge. If you require heavier use, you will need a higher Ampere hour rating, which can be cheaply achieved with heavy lead-acid batteries.
On average, heavy lead-acid battery packs have a capacity of around 50 Ampere hours, which allows them to withstand being regularly discharged; hence why roadside assistance vehicles are equipped with them. The Audew 20,000mAh jump starter only has a 20 Ampere hour rating.
The neat thing about battery booster packs, including the higher 1000-amp rated ones, is that they will work with small cars too because they are designed to only draw enough power to start any gasoline engine and diesel engines (up to 8.5 litre). 
There is no risk of "frying" the electrical system of your car because the Audew lithium ion battery jump starter integrates several safety features to protect the unit from short circuits, voltage/ current surges and overheating.
The positive and negative ports on the clamps and unit have a unique square/round shape to prevent inserting them the wrong way.
Operating the lithium-ion battery booster is easy and there is no risk of sparks like there is with a jump start from a running vehicle.
clamps have a sturdy construction
You connect the positive red clamp to the positive terminal of the car battery and the negative black clamp to the negative terminal.
Then, turn the key and the engine should start within 3 seconds, provided that the car battery isn't completely flat. If the car battery is 100% completely dead, you will need to wait a little longer before turning the key and cranking the engine again.
The Audew lithium-ion battery jumpstarter pack has a USB-C port, two USB-A ports and a decent LED flashlight with SOS mode where the LED will flash out SOS in Morse (three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes). There is also a strobe mode for personal safety.
The USB-C port in the Audew jump starter is designed to be both an input and an output to recharge the unit, as well as to recharge external devices.
As a USB-C input, the Audew lithium-ion battery jumpstarter will charge at 5V/3A, while in USB-C output mode it can deliver 5V/3A and 15V/10A.
The USB-A ports are both outputs and can deliver different voltages and amperage. The white USB port delivers a fixed voltage and current (5V/2A), while the red USB port delivers variable voltage and current (5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A).
Overall, the Audew lithium booster pack is a godsend in emergencies when the battery goes flat and should last a lifetime as long as it's not used regularly like a vehicle recovery jump starter. The Audew jump starter is very compact and can be carried with other odds and ends where space is limited, eliminating the need of carrying a set of jump leads.
It even comes with 6-months money-back guarantee, as well as an adapter for cigarette lighters that you can use to recharge the Audew lithium ion jumpstarter from the 12V cigarette socket of a car. The LCD display shows percentage of battery left, which is convenient.
The bottom line is, the more amperage you have the easier it is to start a car. The biggest advantage of lithium-ion battery packs is their long lifespan. Most lithium-ion battery packs have a lifespan rating of 1000, which means you can use them up to 1000 times to jump start a car before they need replacing. You can find the Audew USB C jump starter car battery online on Amazon.

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