Osprey Duro 6 Hydration Pack Running Vest

Monday, August 12, 2019

When it comes to hydrating your body on the go, hydration belts and hydration vests are two convenient ways to carry water without having to hold a water bottle while running. If, in fact, you don't even want to touch a water bottle at all, a hydration vest bladder is the way to go.
For true handsfree hydration on the go, the Osprey Duro 6 is a neat hydration vest that also doubles as a minimalist backpack for carrying your stuff whether out on a trail, road or running with your dog.
The Osprey Duro 6 hydration pack comes complete with two soft flask bpa free pouches and extension straw with a bite valve mouthpiece attach at the end of it. Each soft flask water bottle can hold 500ml (17oz) of liquid and has a measuring scale in fluid ounce (oz) and milliliter.
As well as 500ml soft flasks, the Duro 6 hydration pack allows you to change water bladders to suit the quantity of water required, as well as storing larger water bladders in the Duro 6's hydration sleeve located internally in the main zip compartment.
The bite valves on the Duro 6 soft flasks work similarity to kiddies bite valve water bottles so, you bite down to get the water flowing and then release to seal the water flow, which automatically prevents spillages and water dripping.
Bite valves are a neat bit of kit but they don't last forever because the constant biting does eventually split the valve. Luckily, bite valves are removable so, you can easily replace the Duro 6 bite valves with an OEM bite valve from Osprey or with a 6.5mm third-party alternative.
Another thing to keep in mind with bite valves is that they are exposed to dirt so mold can easily build up especially if you live in a very humid climate. For hygienic purposes, you definitely want to be washing bite valves and bladders regularly. Getting a bite valve cover would also make sense.
The Osprey Duro 6 running vest is lined internally with 70 Denier ripstop nylon, while the exterior is made with 140 Denier ripstop nylon. Using ripstop nylon makes the nylon fabric much more resistant to ripping or breaking apart; hence 70 denier nylon isn't the same as 70 denier ripstop nylon even though they both have the same denier nylon rating.
What makes ripstop nylon more durable than regular nylon is that ripstop nylon uses thicker interlocking thread patterns that literary stop a rip from spreading across the fabric; hence the name "rip stop". 
Denier refers to the weight of the fabric and not the strength of the fabric; hence 70 denier is finer nylon material, while 140 denier is coarser nylon material, which is strong but not waterproof unless it is coated with Durable water repellent (DWR). The Duro 6 running vest isn't coated with DWR; hence it isn't waterproof.
The Osprey Duro 6 running vest has a height of 41cm so, depending on your height the vest will come down or come up shorter on your torso. For someone standing at 6 feet tall, the Duro 6 running vest will come up above the navel, fitting like a crop vest top. For someone standing at 5 feet tall, the Duro 6 vest will come down below the navel, fitting more like a full size vest.
The fit is overall comfortable although how comfortable it is to wear will depend mainly on your body build. If you're of a bigger build, it's best going for the larger Osprey Duro 6 size to avoid chafing under the arms.
The Osprey Duro 6 hydration vest stays put, hugging your back snugly without moving, thanks to dual sternum straps and side straps.
The sternum straps can be removed and adjusted via a clip-on adjusting mechanism. Because the sternum straps clip into place rather than slide up and down, they are not as easy to adjust on the go.
Along with chest straps, the Osprey Duro 6 hydration pack running vest comes with more features typically found on hiking backpacks, including rear loading straps and drawstring loops for attaching running poles.
The design of the rear facing netted pocket is nifty because the straps pull over the main compartment, tying it down like load-lifting straps do. This is, in turn, brings the upper part of the Osprey Duro 6 hydration pack a little closer to your back.
side adjusting straps
The weight of the Osprey Duro 6 running vest is 322 grams, which is roughly the same weight of an average smartphone; hence the Duro 6 is much lighter than any backpack could ever be. When filling up both water bladders you are looking at a total 1 litre of water, which roughly translates to 1 kg of weight. 
Adding home/car keys and a smartphone and you are roughly looking at a little over 2 kg total weight on you, which is pretty good considering that the weight for a standard rucksack is 2 kg. Of course, the more gear you carry the more weight so, it's best sticking to only essentials. 
Other than a sloshing sound from the water pouches when running, the Duro 6 water bladder design makes carrying water more comfortable than with a cycling water bottle. 
You can actually carry a decent amount of gear in the Osprey Duro 6 and you have the flexibility of being able to remove the water bladders as well and use that space for additional front access storage for energy gels. 
There are a total of two easy access pockets at the front, as well as a front facing side zip pocket. On the back, the Osprey Duro 6 features three zip compartments, including two small/medium size zip compartments, as well as a large zip compartment with plenty of room for snacks, spare waterproof jacket, and even canicross running gear if you're into cross country running with dogs.
While the Osprey Duro 6 running vest is designed for half marathons and trail racing, it also makes a perfect solution for a city runner who does short and longer jogs where they need to carry water and other bits and bobs.
You can carry a litre of water, which should be plenty of hydration for 2-hour runs in cool weather while keeping yourself constantly hydrated very conveniently and without ever having to reach to a water bottle!
There is even a red clip that you can use to clip your keys, as well as an elastic attachment on the back of the vest. Buy it

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