WOPET Automatic Furry Friend Feeder

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The really good neat thing about an automatic furry friend feeder is that it allows you to portion the food so, you can split specific amounts of food throughout the day.
You can schedule up to four food portions per day with the WOPET automatic furry friend feeder, which is extremely useful especially if your furry friend cat likes to guzzle all their cookies all at once and then throw up!
The food dispensing mechanism consists of a rotating plastic wheel with small slot compartments for the cookies to fall into.
When the dispensing mechanism is triggered, the slotted plastic wheel rotates, releasing all the cookies outwards into the bowl retainer.
Food is stored in the cat-shape head of the machine, which can hold approximately 1.1 kg worth of dry cookies. The head comes apart from the main body, easily locking into place by turning the head anti-clockwise.
The top section of the head also comes apart by simply twisting it open anticlockwise. It locks shut by turning it clockwise.
You can program the WOPET automatic furry friend feeder to release up to 39 portions of cookies per meal. Each portion is 5 grams so, you can potentially have the machine release up to 195 grams of cookies per meal at one time, making it ideal for small and medium size furry cats and dogs.
The WOPET automatic furry friend feeder measures 38 cm tall, 29cm wide and 21cm long, and weighs 1.8kg so, it's very lightweight to move around. The control panel consists of a large LCD display, 12 buttons and one small led indicator to show when the d cell batteries are running low.
The LCD display shows the meal size, current time and meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner and 4th meal), which is represented by On and Off so, you can manually set the number of meals.
If you only want breakfast and dinner, you would set these to On and the others Off. As well as setting the number of meals, you can set the time of the meal is released. There is also a button to allow you to release food portions manually.
The voice recording feature is a thoughtful touch. It lets you record your voice or any sound that will play every time the food portion is released. There is no option to adjust the level of volume but the default volume sound is adequate. The recording of the microphone is fairly good too.
The WOPET automatic furry friend feeder does what it says on the tin and that is automatically feed your furry friend a specific amount of food. With furry friend gadgets, just like human gadgets, the safety of the end user is always the number one priority.
The end user, of course, won't be the furry friend but the carer of the furry friend who has the important responsibility of making sure the automatic furry friend feeder is set correctly.
The automatic furry friend feeder itself won't pose any dangers to the furry friend as it's a very safe device made entirely of plastic without sharp corners or exposed electrical contacts that may pose a risk to the furry friend.
The two biggest safety concerns with an automatic furry friend feeder is that the furry friend carer does not set the machine correctly and that the machine fails to release the cookies as it should.
For those who constantly travel, leaving the furry friend unattended for more than a day, they need to factor in the possibility of the machine malfunctioning.
It's nice that the WOPET automatic furry friend feeder can use removable batteries (uses three removable D Cell alkaline batteries), as well as mains power so, it doesn't require to be connected to a wall electricity socket to function, ruling out the possibility of the machine not working due to an electricity cut out.
There is a power switch on the bottom of the unit for when using d cell batteries to power on the WOPET feeder. When using mains power, a long USB-A to 3-pin wall adapter is included, which delivers 5V/1A.
Even then, relying on an electrical device is never a sound idea. The last thing you would want, if you care about your furry friend, is to find out the automatic feeder did not work.
If you to use the WOPET automatic feeder to feed your furry friend and plan to be away for longer than a day, have someone (i.e. friend, neighbor, relative) come around to check on them at least once a day.
If you can't find someone to check on your furry friend, install a live stream camera that you can access remotely so, you can check yourself. Installing an indoor camera will give you the peace of mind that everything is in order at home while you are away.
For emergencies and weight management, the WOPET automatic feeder is really a saver, especially for someone who works long shifts or unsociable hours. The automatic feeder is a superb tool in your arsenal to help you manage the weight of your furry friends so, they don't become overweight.

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