CHERRY MX-BOARD 1.0 Brown Switches Full N-key Rollover Keyboard

Monday, September 16, 2019

Why buy a keyboard with CHERRY switches when you can just buy a keyboard made by Cherry - the manufacturer of CHERRY switches? The CHERRY MX-BOARD 1.0 is a nice, simple and functional mechanical switch keyboard with genuine MX switches that lets you get your speed up to get a lot of work done.
While the MX-BOARD 1.0 is a mechanical keyboard, it doesn't have the characteristic clikity and clakety sound of mechanical keyboards. The key sound of the MX-BOARD 1.0 is somewhat subdued or dampened by the CHERRY MX gold crosspoint contacts, giving you a really nice feedback without a loud sound.
The MX-BOARD 1.0 keyboard height adjustment consists of two vertical retractable plastic clips with rubber tips. The keyboard can also be rested flat via the included non-slip grip rubber covers.
There are additional rubber feet on the corner of the included wrist rest, which is made of hard plastic with a matte finish. The palm rest doesn't have any padding so, it's not as comfortable as padded palm wrests but having the wrist pad does help to raise the angle of the wrists to a more natural position.
The MX-BOARD 1.0 has no RGB leds as it is a single-color, white backlit keyboard with no fancy effects or software.

Having the white glow on the keys is nice as it brightens up the keyboard in low light conditions, helping your typing accuracy, especially if you don't touch type using all your fingers and without looking at the keys.
The white illumination on the keys is evenly lit. On a normal day light without the back-light, the symbols and characters are easily visible. The keycap lettering font is mainly standard with different style fonts on some letters.
The white leds on the MX-BOARD 1.0 keyboard are dimmable so, you can decrease the brightness and/or turn off the illumination completely. The brightness can be increased or decreased in 1% increments or 10% increments for faster adjustment.
The USB plug connector also features a built-in led in the Cherry logo. The fixed, rubber cable is approximately 1.80 meters long and exists the keyboard slightly by the right hand side.
The construction of the keyboard is plastic with a grey and black color scheme, giving the keyboard an understated feel.
The MX-BOARD 1.0 is a full size, 104-key keyboard with numpad and function keys across the top that double as multi-media keys. The full size number pad and arrow keys (up, down, left, right) are nicely spaced out. The MX-BOARD 1.0 keyboard measures 47cm long, 16cm wide and 2.5cm high without the palm rest. With the palm/wrist rest, which measures 10cm wide, the keyboard has a total width of 26cm. Total weight is 1.1 kg.
Additional features integrated in the MX-BOARD 1.0 include anti-ghosting and full n-key rollover (NKRO), which is a neat feature to have because most keyboards that feature n-key rollover range from 3-key, 6-key and 10-key rollover to"no rollover" at all, meaning you cannot press multiple keys at the same time.
As a full n-key rollover keyboard, the keys of the MX-BOARD 1.0 keyboard have dedicated diodes, instead of a matrix of key switches. If you are a fast type writer or serious gamer, having a full n-key keyboard makes a lot of sense.
Being a CHERRY keyboard, the MX-BOARD 1.0 uses CHERRY MX switches, which include blue (clicky), brown (tactile), red (linear), clear (tactile), black (linear) and green (clicky).
The MX-BOARD 1.0 uses CHERRY MX brown switches with a 55 gram (55cN) actuation force, which is not the lightest but it surprisingly offers a super fast typing experience without fatiguing your fingers.
The actuation feel of brown key switches can be best described as a slight bump before the key activates; hence the term "tactile bump".
The "bumpy" key press of tactile key switches means key presses don't feel as light as linear key switches with the same actuation force but the tactile bump does you assertion that you know you pressed the key. Despite that, the MX-BOARD 1.0 keyboard is light and fast enough for gaming and typing.
Premature keyboard lettering fading is an important factor of consideration when buying a keyboard especially if you are a writer and a gamer. The keycap lettering on the MX-BOARD 1.0 keyboard uses laser engraved keycaps as opposed to dye-sublimate (dye-sub) keycaps, which is a more permanent solution because ink is actually injected inside the plastic of the keycaps.
Laser engraving for keyboard keycaps is still a very good option as the lettering doesn't fade away or rub off that easily.
You can also disable the Windows key on the the MX-BOARD 1.0 keyboard via the dedicated "cherry key" on the keyboard.
Having a dedicated button is a neat little gaming feature that prevents you from accidentally pressing the Windows key and literary crashing your game when running the game in full screen mode.
There are programs like the, WKey Disabler, that you can use to disable the Windows key but of course, they are not as convenient as the "cherry key" button. Included with the keyboard is also a user guide and a 2-year warranty. Buy it.

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