Moft Laptop Stand Folds Flat Like A Mouse Mat

Monday, September 23, 2019

Laptops are neat portable powerhouses that give you the ability to get work done anywhere you go so, you aren't only restricted to a desktop at work! That's why nothing really beats (or matches) a laptop when it comes to portability unless, of course, it's a laptop stand that folds flat thinner than a mouse mat!
When folded flat, the Moft (a.k.a mobile office for travelers) laptop stand is literary 3 mm thick, 170 mm long and 224 mm wide so, it's approximately the size of a regular gaming pad.
The whole reason to use a laptop stand is to help with back posture to prevent a hunch back and while the Moft laptop stand only raises the laptop 2-3 inches, It is high enough to make a noticeable change in your sitting posture.
Compared to most laptop stands on the market, Moft really stands out in a sea of laptop stands, not only because it is a practical laptop stand that works, but also because of its low price tag just a fraction off $999!
Moft is a stick on laptop stand that sticks on the bottom of laptops so, it is designed for laptops without fan intake vents at the bottom such as the Apple Macbook and Microsoft Surface laptops.
The Moft laptop stand has to be positioned/ oriented as close to the back edge of the laptop as possible or the laptop will be wobbly on the stand. Luckily, the sticky pad on the Moft stand is made of removable adhesive that can be stuck and removed multiple times.
You can wet the sticky adhesive with a wet cloth to remove dirt and still be able to re-use it by letting it air dry. With that said, Moft does have a lifespan so, you cannot attach it and re-attach it infinite times.
The stickiness of the adhesive pad does wear off every time you peel it off and re-apply it. After 100 times or so of peeling off the adhesive pad the stickiness starts to wear off. The folding mechanism is rated for 30,000+ times of folding.
To the untrained eye, Moft feels like it's made of clad board covered in fabric but it is, in fact, made of fiber glass and iron, as well as polyurethane (PU) fabric on top and texture polyurethane rubber on the bottom so, the Moft laptop stand is strong and resistant against water. The Moft stand is certainly strong enough for the task required to firmly and securely hold up a laptop.
The Moft stick on laptop stand is a one size fits all laptop solution so, there is no different sizes available for different laptops but, you can fit up to 15.6-inch laptops and laptops no smaller than 11.6-inch in size.
Moft is designed mainly for ultrabooks but will support any laptop up to 8 kg in weight, which is remarkable, considering the lightweight construction of Moft at only 90 grams. Gaming laptops and laptops designed for editing videos and photos tend to have fan intake vents at the bottom so, the sticky version of Moft won't be suitable.
There are plenty of laptops without bottom vents though. These include Macbook Pro, HP Notebook 15 (i7), Acer Swift 7, Acer Chromebook 15, HP Stream 14, Asus VivoBook Flip 14, Lenovo Yoga 900S, Huawei Matebook X, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, Dell Latitude 12 7000, Toshiba Portégé Z20t and the Xiaomi Mi Notebook 12.
 While laptops without bottom vents (fanless laptops) have the potential to overheat, fanless laptops are "laptops" in the truest sense of the word because you can actually use them on your lap unlike laptops with cooling vents on the bottom.
The design of Moft is simple and straightforward. It looks like a mouse mat with intricate cut outs that you fold into place a bit like origami. There is an adhesive pad with built-in magnets to help keep the pad stuck to the bottom of the laptop. Once stuck to the bottom of the laptop, you simply fold the cutouts into place to create the Moft stand.
The angle of the Moft stand can be adjusted to 15 degrees and 25 degrees. Installation takes literary seconds and there is very little learning curve to figure out how the Moft folding mechanism works.
You simply fold it out with the sides inwards to get the 25 degree inclination and from that position you take the centre part (where the Moft logo is located) and pull it forward to get the 15 degree inclination.
To go from the 15 degree inclination up to the 25 degree inclination, you pull the centre part inwards. To fold it flat like a mouse pad, you simply lift the laptop towards you and pull the sides of Moft towards you and you're ready to go.
Having Moft flat underneath the centre part of the laptop does introduce a wobble that can be appreciated when pressing on the corners of the laptop.
When typing on the laptop though, the wobble is virtually non-existent because your palms act as pressing points anchoring the laptop down so, there is no wobble. When Moft is in the 15 degree and 25 degree inclination, there is no wobbliness either when typing. Check out the review of the Moft AirFlow stand.

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