Tronsmart Spunky Pro True Wireless Earbuds With Wireless Charging Case

Thursday, September 12, 2019

When looking for the best affordable pair of truly wireless earphones, it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack! To narrow the search and make your decision a little easier, you should consider the Tronsmart Spunky Pro.
Not only do they sound good, they have a lot bass, they fit comfortable in the ears, they have a stable connection and to top it off, the Spunky Pro charging case is capable of Qi wireless charging!
The Spunky Pro integrate full audio playback control from the earbuds via a single touch capacitive button on either earbud. You can play/pause, skip tracks (forwards and backwards), volume up and down, as well as reject/answer calls, prompt the voice assistant and power on and off the earbuds.
plastic body with a matte, non-smudgy finish
Both earbuds are able to control most functions so, for instance, you can play or pause audio by tapping either the left earbud or right earbud. The left earbud also controls the volume up and volume down (there is no mute support). The right earbud controls skipping to the next and previous tracks.
Having volume functionality from the earbuds is neat since many earbud don't include it, meaning you have to do it from your device, which isn't as convenient.
The overall volume level is decently loud (115 ± 3dB) and with a good seal you can block most background noise in places like gyms or train commutes. Silicone ear tips are included but you can use third party ear tips. Foam ear tips do a better job at blocking out more noise and increasing the bass response. The Spunky Pro have an IPX5 rating so, they are sweatproof.
Operation is easy and straightforward. Take the Spunky Pro earbuds out of the charging case and they will pair with each other as a single bluetooth device, streamlining the pairing process with a mobile device. Once paired, the Spunky Pro earbuds automatically connect to the paired device.
A neat other feature is stereo call audio and CVC 6.0 noise cancelling microphone integration on each earbud, allowing you to use the earbuds independently from each other as two single mono bluetooth earpieces. When using both earbuds, the microphone amplification and clarity is superb.
Call audio through both earpieces makes the Spunky Pro earbuds a neat little solution for someone looking for a bluetooth earpiece for talking. Talk time is the same as playtime at around 3 hours on 50% volume. The overall audio/sound quality is good with clear treble, thanks to SBC and AAC bluetooth audio codec support.
Each Spunky Pro earbud has an internal 35 mAh battery capacity, which give a total battery life of up to 3.5 hours. The charging case can store 14 hours of battery power, meaning you can recharge the Spunky Pro earbuds 4 times over. The earbuds have a very compact, small footprint and don't stick out of the ears since the length of the nozzle body is just 2 cm.
Depending on how loud you listen to music and whether you are connected to a bluetooth 5.0 device, you can potentially have a total of a 18 hours of battery power on the go. The Spunky Pro earbuds integrate a bluetooth 5.0 chip; hence if you connect them to a bluetooth 4.2 phone or tablet you won't get as good battery life and strong bluetooth signal connection, which is more stable when the Spunky Pro earbuds are connected to a bluetooth 5.0 phone or tablet.
Bluetooth range is 10 meters and you cannot connect two devices to the earbuds at the same time. There is no lag with Android devices but if you use an iPhone you will experience the typical delay you get with most TWS earbuds.
The body of the Spunky Pro earbuds is magnetized so, they remain magnetically secured inside the dock while charging.
The Spunky Pro earbuds take approximately 35 minutes to recharge and can hold battery charge for up to 3 days in standby mode. While in the charging case, the earbuds automatically switch off so, you don't have to manually power them off.
The 400mAh inside the charging case recharges via USB-C connection in approximately 2 hours and can hold charge in standby for 60 days.
While the charging case charges via USB-C connection, its internal circuitry limits the input charge to 5V/ 0.5A; hence you can't use a fast charge wall charger to speed up the charging process.
The Spunky Pro charging case measures 60 mm in diameter and 35 mm in thickness. Total weight is approximately 50 grams.
Tronsmart Spunky Pro charging case also integrates a coil on the bottom for wireless charging on top of a Qi wireless charger (not included) or a phone that integrates reverse wireless charging.
The charging case also has a rather unique and cool, rotating pop-up lid that operates via a physical button on the back side of the case. Buy it
there is 18 months warranty included, along with 30-days money back guarantee 

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