Zetta ZN62 Wi-Fi Black Box Spy Camera Live Stream Recorder

Monday, September 09, 2019

Regardless of the shape and size, all surveillance cameras do the same basic job and that is to monitor what is happening! Which surveillance camera you choose, really comes down to your needs and budget. If you require a camera to be hidden, a spy or nanny camera are good options for recording out of sight.
The Zetta ZN62 pinhole IP camera comes in a stealthy black box enclosure that is small enough to be stowed away in all sorts of locations, including birdhouses. Thanks to Wifi integration, the ZN62 lets you watch real time streaming of the recording, as well as store the recorded footage onto a micro SD card for safekeeping.
While the ZN62 camera can work outdoors, it is not an all-weatherproof camera. The ZN62 can handle up to 45-degree hot temperatures but does not like freezing cold. Below 0-degrees, the ZN62 camera won't function correctly. You should be able to use the ZN62 outside hidden in a bird box without problems as long as moisture doesn't get inside the spy box recorder.
The ZN62 spy black box recorder uses Wifi (instead of bluetooth) to broadcast the wireless signal up to 150 meters in direct line of sight. Indoors, the wireless signal gets attenuated by walls to approximately 100 meters, which is still very good and unmatched by the standard 10-20 meter wireless range of bluetooth connected devices.
On the note of wireless range, once the ZN62 camera is connected to the Attez 2.0 app, both the camera and the phone need to be fairly apart from each other to prevent a high pitch noise interference (similar to screeching audio feedback of a microphone).
The Zetta ZN62 supports up to 64GB microSD cards and can store 1GB of video footage per hour, giving you a potential of 60+ hours when using a 64GB memory card. The ZN62 can also take and store still images in HD resolution (1280 x 720). Each image file takes 250KB of storage space. When recording long videos, the ZN62 camera splits video recording in gapless 3-minute files.
Depending on the type and size of memory card you use, you may need to format it to FAT32 before use. To do this you just need to connect the microSD card to a computer, and then run a microSD card format software. There are many free software utilities that format microSD cards, which are easy to use, even by a non-techy person.
You can capture photos while live streaming video, which is by default set to VGA (640 x 480) and 50Hz operating speed. If you plan to power the Zetta ZN62 camera indoors from a 60Hz electrical outlet (i.e. North America), you will want to set it to 60Hz. The reason for matching a camera's operating speed to the electrical outlet operating speed (50Hz or 60Hz) it's to prevent the possibility of false triggers from indoor lighting nearby the camera.
The Zetta ZN62 can connect to a smartphone (AP hotspot mode), as well as an Internet router, letting you access the ZN62 anywhere in the word. You can also grant "guest" access to the ZN62 via the Import Cam feature so, a friend or family member can watch the live stream. The guest user needs to download the Attez 2.0 app to their phone and enter the ZN62 camera ID, username and password
When connected to a mobile device, you need to download the Attez 2.0 app so, you can view the live recording from a mobile device. The Zetta ZN62 works with both Android and iOS devices, as long as the phone/or tablet is running Android 4.2.2 (or higher) or iOS 8.3 (or higher).
The Zetta ZN62 integrates a 3.7V lithium-ion battery with 3500mAh capacity, which lasts up to 8 hours, thanks to low power consumption (0.4 watts per hour). You can also use the ZN62 camera while plugged into a mains power supply, which means you can leave it recording for any length of time. The ZN62 spy camera also has an ultra wide 160 degree lens, which is perfect for capturing action across a large area.
With camera angle lenses, it's worth keeping in mind that with a wide angle lens footage appears zoomed out and farther away from the action, which is perfect for spy and nanny cameras. For other applications such as car number plate reading, a wide angle lens isn't ideal.
Being an IP camera, the ZN62 uses a CMOS sensor and will work perfectly standalone without an internet connection. The ZN62 can be connected to multiple smartphones on the same network but live streaming performance is compromised when the ZN62 is connected to more than one device.

A few other features integrated in the ZN62 include vertical flip (change image orientation), loop recording and scheduled recording so, you can automatically turn on and off recording. There is also
motion and sound trigger with push notifications alerts so, recording starts when motion and sound is detected (an alert is sent to the connected device).
If you are using an Android phone, the Attez 2.0 app needs to be running in the background in order to receive alerts. With an iOS device, the app doesn't need to be running as long as the ZN62 and the iOS device are both connected to the same Internet network.
There is no support for automatic OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates so, the ZN62 firmware has to be manually updated via the microSD card, which isn't as convenient. At least, the ZN62 has firmware support, which is always a good sign that new features could be added in future. The Attez 2.0 mobile app works well without any apparent bugs and can handle up to three ZN62 cameras connections.
There is no night-vision technology (i.e. infrared) built-in to the ZN62 and the CMOS sensor only has a low light sensitivity response of 1.3/lux-sec, meaning the sensor struggles in low light conditions. For adequate night time recording, a camera needs infrared and a responsive sensor (at least 8V/lux-sec) that can adjust to different light conditions.
The maximum recording resolution is 720p (1280 x 720), which can be downgraded to 480p and 240p. Low resolution video quality is, obviously, not as good but it is sometimes needed for slow wireless connection to prevent a choppy live stream. The connected device (phone or tablet) data transfer speed has to be 500kbps or higher.
When connected to an Internet router, the network speed should be at least 10 mbps (10,000kbps) for a good live stream experience. A quick way to tell weather your Internet speed will be able to handle streaming from the ZN62, it's by streaming a 720p video on YouTube. If video playback is smooth without buffering, you should have no problems streaming from the ZN62 spy recorder.
Another neat application for the Zetta ZN62 would be as a car dashboard spy camera that you could use to run continuously when you have parked up and you are away from your car. If you plan to run the ZN62 camera for longer than 8 hours, you could always connect it a powerbank since the ZN62 camera runs on 5V input.
From the Attez 2.0 mobile app, you configure the camera settings, including enabling or disabling trigger recording when movement is detected, trigger recording when sound is detected or trigger recording when both sound and movement are detected.
The ZN62 spy camera records at approximately 20 frames-per-second, while the microphone quality is similar to that of a smartphone. While not HD quality, the microphone audio is good enough for its intended purpose. The ZN62 can also record MP4 audio-only (or low resolution MP4 video) and send it automatically via email but it involves a firmware upgrade each time you want to use and disable the "email-send" function, which some users will find daunting.
To enable the automatic "email-send" function, you need to download the Zetta Email Zip file, which contains instructions on how to enable the email function. This involves having to edit a text file and then, save it to the microSD card.
The ZN62 email function can send up to 250MB of MP4 data through email per day via only three email providers (gmail, yahoo or The email function can combine up five MP4 audio files into one file to send. More details via this link. Video and audio records automatically by default.
There are two versions of the ZN62 black box spy recorder - the built-in version (with lens built-in to the body of the box recorder) and flexible ribbon version where the pinhole camera is attached to a 12cm long ribbon flat cable connector. The ZN62 black box measures 7.5cm long, 5.8cm wide and 3.5cm thick.
12 months warranty by Zetta

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