Chisana C1L True Wireless Earphones IPX7

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The main selling point of true wireless earphones with charging case is the amount of convenience they provide, including self-charging and easy transportation.
There are plenty of wireless earbuds with charging cases to choose from. One of them is the Chisana C1L, which come with a flat base, pill-shape charging case that lets you store them and keep them on-sight without attracting too much attention, making them particularly convenient when working at a desk.
The Chisana C1L charging case integrates a 3.7V rechargeable battery with 400mAh capacity, which takes 2 hours to fully charge via micro USB connection at 5V/1A. The charging case can recharge the earbuds four times over.
The micro USB port is located on the back of the charging case, which is made entirely of hard plastic with a black matt finish so, oily smudges from finger prints don't show as much.
Chisana branding is etched on the top of the charging case, while the battery led indicators are on the front. The charging case weighs 30 grams and measures 67mm long, 39mm wide and 34 mm tall. The earbud docking area is also magnetized so, the earbuds will not fall out even when shaking them with an open lid.
The body of the earbuds is constructed with the same hard plastic as the charging case but feature a waterproof coating on top to make them IPX7 waterproof, meaning they can be submerged under water, 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. The multifunctional buttons are rubberized, while the nozzle tips integrate perforated metal grills.
The Chisana C1L earphones have an overall medium footprint but weigh just 4.6 grams each. The earbuds are slightly bulky due to the large driver chamber but they don't overly stick out, thanks to the short nozzles. The internal battery inside each earbud has 50mAh capacity, which is small but can power the earbuds for 3 hours on 50% volume.
The earbuds only take 1 hour to fully charge via the charging case, which charges the earbuds at 5V/0.3A. Standby time is just 40 hours, which is surprisingly short and means the Chisana C1L wireless earbuds can only hold charge for 2 days.
When battery is low, you will hear a voice prompt saying "battery low" every minute until battery runs out. There is no multipoint support; hence you cannot pair the Chisana C1L earbuds to multiple devices at the same time.
There is a status led on each earbud located on the side. A microphone is also built inside each button; hence you can enjoy stereo phone calls, which is nice but you cannot use both earbuds interdependently of each other as the left earbud needs the right earbud to function.
With some wireless earbuds, you can use both earbuds separately, which is a neat feature to have that lets you prolongs battery life. While the Chisana C1L don't integrate this feature, you can at least use the right earbud by itself as a mono bluetooth headset.

If high-definition audio is important to you, the Chisana C1L wireless earbuds won't disappoint because they are capable of high-resolution audio (16 bits/96 khz AAC files). There is no support for aptX but SBC codec is supported, which delivers better audio than the default A2DP codec. As far as lag, there is no lag with Android devices when watching videos on the YouTube app but on iPhone devices there is lag.
Audio lag isn't as noticeable if wireless earbuds support AAC, which Chisana C1L earbuds do. Audio/video lag on iPhone is most noticeable with apps like the YouTube app. There is a workaround though, and that is watching YouTube through iPhone's Safari web browser instead of using the YouTube app.
The Chisana C1L wireless earbuds use bluetooth 5 class 2 so, the bluetooth range is up to 10 meters, which is the standard distance most wireless earbuds are set to transmit the wireless signal. There is also bluetooth 5 class 2, which some wireless earbuds use, making them capable of transmitting up to 30 meters.
The Chisana C1L rubber buttons look like physical buttons but they're in fact touch sensitive; hence they are controlled by tapping. The buttons are multifunctional and control the usual audio playback, as well as phone calls (answer, hang and reject calls) and voice assistant. Different wireless earbuds have a different setup for the button functions. Some wireless earbuds mirror some functions on both earbuds, while other wireless earbuds don't; hence there is a small learning curve every time you buy a new pair of earbuds.
The Chisana C1L wireless earbuds mirror most functions; hence you can play and pause audio from the right earbud or from the left earbud, which makes operation easier and more convenient. The only functions that aren't mirrored are skipping of tracks and volume control. Skipping tracks forward and volume up is controlled via the left earbud, while skipping to the previous track and volume down is operated via the right earbud.
Pairing the Chisana C1L earbuds is straight forward since the earbuds pair to each other as a unit, which is a much simpler process than having to pair the earbuds individually to a phone like you have to with some wireless earbuds. When you remove the earbuds from the charging case, they automatically pair to each other and then broadcast a single bluetooth pairing signal so, you can pair them to your phone.
The overall audio experience with the Chisana C1L wireless earbuds is impressive. The 6mm drivers have high sensitivity (95dB); hence the volume up level is high. The overall sound is balanced with punchy bass and clear treble, and without distortions at maximum level. Very impressive sound quality, considering their price.
The eartips included with the Chisana C1L wireless earbuds are not the standard silicone tips you get. These Chisana silicone ear tips have a different shape to them, which seems to do a better job at creating a more immersive seal.

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