MasterSpace Pacum Travel Vacuum Electric Pump And Air Inflator

Friday, October 11, 2019

When it comes to product development, you either come up with a brand new idea or take an idea that has already been conceived and make it better.
The MasterSpace Pacum is a neat little gadget that takes on the clever idea of using a vacuum cleaner to suck air out of a storage bag to compress clothes down to half their size.
So well does the idea of vacuuming air of out a bag that it caught on to sealed foods; hence vacuum food sealers appearing on the market.
What is unique about Pacum, besides the name, is that it's a 3-in-1 solution, vacuum food sealer, vacuum compression pump and air pump. Pacum can suck air out of storage bags and food bags, as well as pump air to inflate a football.
Pacum works electronically and automatically via external electric power since Pacum doesn't integrate a rechargeable battery.
Pacum doesn't require tremendous amount of power to function. In fact, Pacum only needs 5V/2A to operate, meaning you can plug it into a wall electrical socket or use a power bank to power Pacum and take it off-grid.
There is a usb-c port located on top of Pacum that allows Pacum to take more power than the recommended 5 volts/ 2 amps. Pacum has a suction power of 65kPA, making it surprisingly more powerful than many full size vacuum cleaners.

Size is everything and small form factor always wins, particularly when traveling. Pacum weighs 148 grams and measures 85mm tall, 43mm wide and 43mm deep, making Pacum as tall as a smartphone.
Operating Pacum is easy. There isn't an on/off button as power is controlled when Pacum is connected to an external power source. There is a total of three buttons located on the front of the device, two of them (Eco mode and Super mode) integrated on a rocker, which are the buttons that operate the vacuum function. The other button operates the inflation mode.
On the front side of Pacum, there is also an led light to indicate the current setting (i.e. eco mode: slow flashing blue light).
Eco mode delivers a weaker and slow vacuum suction, while super mode delivers the strongest/fastest suction. Super mode has been designed with an automatic stop off that automatically stops when vacuum suction has been completed.
On the bottom of Pacum, there are two rubberized openings, one that sucks in air (air inlet) and the other opening that pumps air out (air oulet).
Pacum comes with a companion storage bag, called Pacum Bag, which is a one-size fits all solution. Master Space currently only makes this standard storage bag size, which measures 16 inches long by 17 inches wide. Pacum bag weighs 50 grams when empty.
takes 49 seconds to shrink
While Pacum bags come only in one size, Pacum has been designed to work with third-party vacuum bags, including food storage bags, making Pacum extremely versatile.

An adapter, called Padaptor, is included in the box and lets you connect to third party vacuum bags as long as the suction port fits.
When using third party storage bags, you do have to hold Pacum with a hand throughout the suction process whereas with a Pacum bag, it can be done hands free. Pacum can operate safely and without damage to the unit for 2 hours continuously.
As a standalone product, Pacum's vacuum power is great and so is Pacum Bag although like all vacuum storage bags the acid test is how long they will stay compacted because most vacuum storage bags eventually re-inflate.
Pacum Bag does hold vacuum pretty good provided that you seal it properly and don't accidentally pierce it.
Pacum comes with a 1 year warranty that covers the inner workings of Pacum against any defects, as long as you register Pacum online. Check out the review of the Charwego multi plug adapter!

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