Moft X Phone and Tablet Stand

Friday, October 25, 2019

It is extremely convenient being able to use a device hands-free without having to hold it in your hands; hence the advent of holder stands for phones and tablets.
Anything from watching films, reading cooking recipes and video calling, a holder stand is a simple, yet effective way to improve the usability of a handheld device while preventing cramps in your hand.
If you're actively searching for a holder stand for your tablet and/or phone, you probably have come across do-it-yourself hacks that show you how to make your own holder stand, using cardboard, hot glue and scissors.
Some of these diy holder stands are actually clever although not as improved and stylish as the Moft X stand, which is a stand solution for phone and tablet that stows away on the back panel, improving portability tenfold.
Moft X improves the simple concept of the diy phone stand design with a more durable, slimline (~5mm thick) and modern-looking solution that you can show off at your favorite coffeehouse!
Both the phone stand and tablet stand versions of the Moft X can stand vertically (portrait), as well as stand horizontally (landscape) at different angles. The Moft X phone stand can be adjusted from 60-degree portrait angle to 40-degree horizontal (landscape) angle.
Moft X for tablet is a bit more versatile than the phone version as the pyramid cut-out that supports the tablet is larger, providing up to six viewing angles, including 60-degree portrait, 40-degree portrait, 25-degree portrait, 60-degree landscape, 40-degree landscape and 30-degree landscape.
The Moft X stand is made, using the same materials as the Moft laptop stand, including fiber glass, iron and microfiber coated with polyurethane (PU) but, there is no polyurethane rubber support like you find on the Moft laptop stand to make it grip a desk.
The sticky adhesive of the Moft X is the same as the Moft laptop stand so it's reusable and sticky up to 500 applications (or 100 applications when washing the glue). Moft X is applied the same way as the the laptop version but, unlike the laptop version, which fits on practically any laptop without vents, the Moft X stand is a bit more limited on what devices it can be stuck on, including some smaller phones with fingerprint readers such as the Google Pixel 3. Moft X won't fit on the Google Pixel 3 but will fit on the Pixel 3XL version because of the taller body.
The Moft X stand won't neither stick on devices with curved back panels, certain protective phone cases (i.e. silicone cases) or phones with back screen protectors such as clear-coat. As long as the back of the phone or tablet is metal, TPU plastic, polycarbonate plastic or glass and has a flat, smooth finish, Moft X will stick on it.
If you do plan to stick Moft X on a glass-back phone, you have to use the included clear film in between. Moft X does not support the pass through of wireless charging. If your phone is Qi-enabled, you won't be able to charge it wirelessly while Moft X is stuck on the phone.
The dimensions of the phone adhesive patch are 6cm wide and 10cm long so, the minimum phone size required is 4.7 inches since the Moft X phone version measures 64mm wide and 105mm tall.
The minimum tablet size is 9.7 inches (i.e. iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro) since the dimensions of the Moft X tablet adhesive patch are 13cm wide and 13cm long.
Moft X stand is small, compact and lightweight compared to most stands but, because of its construction, Moft X will add weight to a phone (extra 29 grams) and to tablet (extra 137 grams).
The Moft X phone stand version features a RFID blocking wallet sleeve built-in that can store up to three credit card size cards like a driver's license or keycard lock. RFID blocking wallets are designed to protect against radio frequency identification (RFID) skimming where thieves are able to wirelessly clone the information contained in credit cards and passports that integrate an RFID chip. It's worth knowing that not all credit cards have an RFID chip.

Moft X has a similar folding mechanism to the original Moft laptop stand but Moft X folding mechanism has been adapted differently to accommodate multiple viewing angles.
Both the phone and tablet stand back support consists of a pyramid-shape cut-out that can fold flat and outwards to support the phone and tablet.
Moft X pyramid shape support design enables the Moft X stand to convert from portrait stand to landscape stand. The Moft X phone stand has also been designed to double as a phone grip, letting you pass through your middle fingers for a more secure grip in the hand.
A magnetic sticky pad is also included with Moft X to double as a removable wall mount and/or car dashboard mount.
The sticky backside of the magnetic pad isn't made of the same reusable glue as Moft X but it's still a versatile glue being 3M 300LSE, which is high strength acrylic adhesive that will stick to oily surfaces, car dashboards, painted walls and wet surfaces like bathroom tiles; hence you can use Moft X inside a shower cubicle. Check out the review of the Moft AirFlow stand.

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