JAM Audio Live Loud True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Monday, November 25, 2019

They say good things come in small packages and, the JAM Live Loud are some of the most compact true wireless stereo earbuds you can get with charging case. The Live Loud earbuds weigh 3 grams each, making the fit extremely lightweight and virtually unnoticeable when you are wearing them on. For regular activities that do not require too much shaking around, the Live Loud earbuds stay securely in the ears, despite not having earwings.
The earbuds low weight and slimline body design allows for a snug fit inside the ear concha. That said, if you require an extremely secure fit, earbuds with earwings will give you that added security.
The Live Loud charging case is also lightweight and compact, sliding easily into a small trouser pocket. The charging case has a flat base so, it can be laid upright securely. The inner design of the charging case resembles a mini pancake maker. The total weight of the charging case (including the earphones) is 30 grams, which is approximately 10 grams lighter than the current competition and also smaller, measuring just 4cm long, 5cm wide and 2cm tall.
The charging dock area, as well as the earbuds are magnetized with a strong enough magnetic connection that keeps the earbuds from falling out of the charging case. The charging dock area also has a deep rounded cut out longways that allows picking up the earbuds with your finger tips very easy.
The JAM Live Loud also integrate the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 chip but, it only supports the standard bluetooth codec; hence no aptX and AAC support, which minimize latency issues and offer slightly better audio quality than standard Bluetooth.
If you only plan to use the Live Loud earbuds for audio streaming, the lack of aptX and AAC support should not be a deal breaker. If you do plan to use the Live Loud earbuds for watching movies on YouTube or for gaming, the lack of aptX and AAC will be an issue. AptX and AAC offer low latency and without it, you will experience noticeable delays with the audio not syncing with the video.
As far as functionality, the JAM the Live Loud earbuds work seamlessly via an easy operation that only requires pairing the main earbud, which in this case is the left earbud. The right earbud pairs automatically to the main earbud when taking both earbuds out of the charging case.
The transition from stereo to mono sound is seamless so, you can keep the right earbud inside the charging and then, take it out of the charging case to resume stereo playing (it takes a couple of seconds for the right earbud to pair again to the main earbud).
Mono listening can only be done with the main earbud (left). Some earbuds have switching roles; hence you can use either of them independently of each other. Since the Jam Live Loud earbuds don't switch around, you cannot pair the right earbud to a device nor use it as a mono headset by itself. There is no multi-pairing function either so, you cannot connect the JAM the Live Loud earbuds to a phone and computer at the same time.
Moving on to the actual audio/ sound quality, the 6mm drivers are able to delivery very loud sound level up to 97dB (+/-3) and without distortion or hisses at low and high volume level. There is good amount of bass response, along with treble and midrange which are nicely balanced. 
The JAM Live Loud earphones are entirely constructed of hard plastic with a matter finish so, the earbuds have a non-shiny finish, making them significantly less liable to fingerprint smudges. The front section of the earbuds has a pinhole, containing an led, as well as a circular rubber button with the word JAM embossed on it so, it's slightly raised making it tactile.
A microphone is embedded inside the led of the left earbud; hence the JAM Live Loud are single microphone earphones. Call audio also goes through the left earbud only so, phone conversations aren't as immersive. The single microphone has a clear sound but, it isn't able to deliver enough amplification so, you will find yourself having to speak louder than normal or your voice will come across faintly.
The low volume amplification of the microphone can be due to the microphone being integrated in the same pinhole as the led indicator, which could be obstructing it. The location of the microphone (on the front side of the earbud) is also not the most ideal especially when it is a lone microphone.
The buttons on the left and right earbuds are multifunctional, controlling calls and audio playback aside from volume, which has to be adjusted from the device the earbuds are connected to. The control functions are easy learn. To play/pause, press either earbud and to skip of tracks forwards and backwards, double press the left and right earbud respectively. You can also power off the earbuds by holding down the button for several seconds.
Being a physical button, the button does require slight force to activate it, which slightly forces the earbud into the ear canal although without any significant discomfort. The nozzle body is fairly tall, which is good because you don't have to literary "jam" the earphones inside the ear canal to get a good audio seal.
The companion charging case that is included with the JAM Live Loud earphones is very compact and has a smooth matte finish, matching the earphones color scheme. Internally, the Live Loud charging case features a 2200mAh battery capacity that can hold up to 9 hours of power to recharge the earbuds internal battery.
You can recharge the charging case via a wall socket but, because the input charge has been limited to 0.5A, it is as fast as charging via the USB 2.0 port of a computer, which is slow; hence it takes 4.5 hours to recharge the Live Audio charging case to 100% capacity.
The earbuds small batteries can hold enough charge to power the earbuds for up to 3 hours on 50% volume and, while connected to another bluetooth 5.0 device. While the earbuds are delivering audio, the led indicators aren't lit up constantly and only flash blue sporadically every 20 seconds (the leds will also light up red when battery is low).
Three hours isn't the longest battery life you can get with true wireless earbuds but, at just 3 grams, the Live Loud earbuds are hard to beat in terms of weight and size. They are about 2 grams lighter than the leading competition.
The micro USB port is located on the back, just beneath the hinge of the charging case lid, which closes shut magnetically. There is no rubber cover protecting the charging port; hence no dust protection or water resistance although the earbuds do have an IPX4 water resistance, which is enough protection for light water splashes and sweat.
Included with the JAM Live Loud earbuds are also silicone eartips and a 20cm long micro USB charging cable and instructions. Considering the price, the Live Audio earbuds does come with a 2-year limited warranty that includes a 30-day money back guarantee provided by JAM Audio. Check out the review of Jam's TWS ANC earbuds.

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