CHERRY GENTIX 4K Productivity Wired Mouse

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

There are three ways you can connect a mouse to a computer and, the most popular way, being via Bluetooth using a wireless mouse. The other two ways to connect a mouse to a computer are via a USB port and PS/2 port, which is considered a legacy port yet, most modern computer motherboards still include a PS/2 port. Most wired mice today, including the Cherry Gentix 4K, use USB connection, which have the advantage of being hot-swappable and having no lag/latency, unlike wireless mice.
For getting some serious work done, the Gentix 4K is a great all-rounder. It has an optical sensor and switchable DPI resolution from 1800 dpi, 1200 dpi, 2400 dpi and 3600 dpi. The Gentix 4K comes equipped with an on-board button that lets you adjust the dpi resolution on-the-fly without having to use a software application.
Of course, many hardcore gamers aren't too bothered with dpi buttons since they like to keep the mouse sensitivity the same in order to build that all important muscle memory needed to stay competitive when playing multiplayer first-person shooter games.
To some people though, dpi buttons can be an annoyance because they can get in the way when scrolling. The dpi button on the Cherry Gentix 4K mouse is small and it's located in the center of the mouse so, the dpi button isn't too close to the scroll-wheel to get in the way during use so, you won't be pressing it by accident.
Regardless of preference, most users (including gamers) will appreciate having a dpi button on-board as it is extremely useful for quickly upping and downing the sensitivity of the mouse. This is true for precise targeting in first-person-shooter gaming and for moving the content of layers by pixels in graphic design software. The lowest dpi resolution you can downgrade the Gentix 4K mouse resolution it's 800 dpi, which may not feel low enough if you're used to using, say, 500 dpi in Photoshop. For general desktop use and most games, 800 dpi will feel just about right.
the scroll wheel isn't textured but it's rubberized so, it's grippy
Adjusting mouse sensitivity isn't just convenient, it is also needed depending on your display monitor resolution. For instance, if you use a 1080p (1920 x 1080) monitor, you can get away with 800 dpi mouse resolution but, with higher monitor resolutions such as 2k monitors (2560 x 1440) and 3k monitors (3326 x 1871), you will need to adjust the mouse dpi resolution to at least 1200 dpi and 2500 dpi respectively.
Gentix 4K vs Gentix Silent
The Gentix 4K mouse supports up to 3600 dpi resolution adjustment, which should be enough for casual gaming and browsing on a 4k monitor. There are a total of 6 non-programmable buttons, including the scroll wheel button. All buttons are clicky and responsive.
When switching the dpi resolution on the Cherry Gentix 4K mouse, the scroll wheel leds will flash to let you know, which dpi setting you have enabled. For instance, if the scroll wheel flashes four times, it means the mouse has been set to 3600 dpi (one flash = 800 dpi). Speaking of flashing, the scroll wheel led can be turned off from the mouse itself by holding down the dpi button for 3 seconds.
navigational buttons
The sides of the Gentix 4K mouse are rubberized with a grippy coarse-grit finish that provides better handling of the mouse. Like most mice, the Gentix 4K is mostly made of smooth hard plastic though, the Gentix 4K does have a more subdued matte coating that minimizes fingerprint smudges significantly.
The top part of the mouse has a shallow ridge across the mid-section, running from the front to the back of the mouse, just like seen on the Gentix Silent version. This ridge not only gives the Gentix 4K some character, it also provides an air cooling channel that minimizes sweatiness under the palm of the hand.
Speaking of palm, the Gentix 4K is a fairly weighty mouse, weighing 117 grams; hence it is on the heavy side, which is a good thing if you are looking for greater control over small movements. Having a high friction mouse pad would also help with greater control of the mouse pointer.
When gaming though, you typically want the opposite and that is a lighter mouse. That said, using a very low friction mousepad does make even the heaviest of mice light on their feet! The Gentix 4K also has four glide feet pads, which help the mouse glide smoothly on a mouse pad, particularly, if it's a mouse pad with a cloth/fabric surface.
At 7cm wide, 3.5cm tall and 11cm long, the Gentix 4K would be classed as a small mouse suitable for small hands in palm grip. If you have medium to large hands (over 18cm long from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger) and plan to use the Gentix 4K mouse with palm grip, you will find half of your palm resting on the mouse pad. Anything above 13cm long is classed as a large mouse although, perfect fit does depend on your specific hand since some people have shorter fingers but longer palms and viceversa.

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