Kensington WarmView Fresh View Monitor Stand, Heater And Air Purifier

Monday, January 20, 2020

When desk space is limited, refining your work area is the way to go. A neat way to spruce up and improve the conditions of your personal desk area is with a monitor stand, heater, fan and air purifier.
While you can get these separately, the built-in WarmView Wellness Monitor Stand solution from Kensington creates a clutter-free environment that will make even the smallest of desk areas very productive!
The Kensington WarmView Wellness Monitor Stand has been designed to support up to a 27-inch monitor, as well as a Kensington WarmView Heater and a Kensington FreshView Air Purifier.
The WarmView Heater has a retro style with a centre grill mesh reminiscent of a vintage radio. The centre grill mesh is made of aluminium, while the body of the ceramic heater is made of UL-94-V0 certified fire-retardant plastic.
The WarmView Monitor Stand and WarmView Heater bundle come with two power cords for EU and UK sockets. Both power cords have a figure-8 type connector plug that plugs into the figure-8 female port on the back of the ceramic heater.
Above this port, there is a power switch to manually disable and enable power through the unit. The WarmView Heater is mains powered, which is a good thing because USB power would not be able to generate enough power to produce enough heat.
On the left front side of the WarmView Heater, there two touch control buttons and a total of five status led indicators. The top leds feedback the two heating modes: high (HI) and low (LO), which are activated via the large square button below the HI and LO leds. On the high setting, the WarmView Heater expels very hot air (approx. 30 degrees).
Below the square button, there is the Timer touch button, which allows you to set how long the heater expels heat before turning off automatically. You can choose from 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours. Being touch sensitive, the buttons are not physical buttons that you press. Instead, a light touch is all that is required to activate the buttons, which are extremely responsive.
The dimensions of the cylindrical metal support legs are 8cm wide and and 19.5cm long, which is a couple of milimeters larger to allow the plastic ceramic heater and plastic air purifier to slide in and out without getting scratched against the metal housing of the stand.
The sides and bottom of the ceramic heater and air purifier have plastic guard rails that facilitate smooth insertion and removal from the monitor stand leg housing.
There are also two small rubberized star-head screws on the end of the housing designed to act as stoppers to prevent the ceramic heater and/or air purifier from sliding out of the housing.
Functionally, the ceramic heater is able to expel a decent amount of heated air volume through the metal grill, which has a coverage of 13cm long and 8cm wide. When turned on, the WarmView Heater delivers instant heat, just like an electric fan heater via a fan blade located on the back.
That said, being a ceramic heater, the WarmView heater doesn't use a resistive heating coil like an electric fan heater does. Instead, the WarmView heater uses PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic stones, which are more energy efficient at converting heat.
The WarmView heater is, essentially, a PCT convection ceramic heater because it has a built-in fan blade to blow and spread the heated air out. Some ceramic heaters don't use a fan blade so, heat just gets radiated into the room, which on a small 250W unit like the WarmView heater wouldn't be very effective.
The plastic casing of the WarmView heater stays cool to the touch, thanks to UL-94-V0 certified fire-retardant plastic. There is also a certified 10-point safety system that is TUV approved that will automatically turn off the heater should the heater tip over and/or overheat. Should the heater overheat, the internal thermal cut-off fuse will prevent the heater from turning on until it has cooled down.
The WarmView Wellness Monitor Stand tabletop measures 40cm long, 24cm wide and 12cm tall and, it contains MDF (medium-density fibreboard), which means it contains recycled wood fibres.
Compared to real wood, MDF handles heat and humidity better than solid wood but, it's not as strong as solid wood; hence the 45 lbs (20kg) maximum weight rating for the WarmView Wellness Monitor Stand.
The monitor stand legs are attached to the tabletop via Allen-type bolts so, the leg supports can be removed from the tabletop.
The FreshView Air Purifier has a similar color-scheme design to the ceramic heater but, it is made entirely of plastic, including the ventilation mesh which features perforated holes to let filtered air out. There is also a rubber pull-tab to help remove the unit from the monitor stand housing.
The FreshView Air Purifier only has one touch sensitive button and status led, which is located on the left side. This button has the same responsive sensitivity as the buttons on the WarmView Heater. The led provides two types of feedback for power (blue light) and filter change (red light).
On the back of the FreshView Air Purifier, there is the filter slot housing and a micro USB port on the bottom side corner. On the base of the FreshView Air Purifier, there are plastic guard rails and a spring-loaded catch that holds that filter housing fascia in place.
Removal of this fascia is needed in order to gain access to the filter compartment. The FreshView Air Purifier air filter is integrated on a plastic tray with two pull tabs to make removal of the filter easier.
The FreshView Air Purifier is equipped with two types of a filter, namely a pre-filter with activated carbon and a HEPA H11-graded filter. HEPA filters are graded from H10 (85%), H11 (95%), H12 (99.5%), H13 (99.95%) to H14 (99.99%). The percentage corresponds to how efficient the filter is at filtrating.
The FreshView Air Purifier is on the lower end of the filtration efficiency so, it's not as efficient as a H14 filter but, the FreshView Air Purifier H11 filter is still able to remove very tiny particles with diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers, which includes dust, bacteria and mold particles. The activated carbon filter is designed to remove offensive odors, pet odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) chemical gases/fumes such as paints, floor lacquers, certain molded plastics and cigarette smoke.
Functionality wise, the FreshView Air Purifier is quiet (40 dBA), easy to use and operate from a computer USB 2.0 port or power bank since it only requires 5 volts/1 amp. That said, the FreshView Air Purifier can only output a maximum of 5 watts and pass a maximum of 5% of 0.1 micron particles via a small filtration medium (18cm x 18cm); hence don't expect to the FreshView Air Purifier to be able to optimally filter the air in a whole room.
The FreshView Air Purifier works best in small areas up to 16 square feet (1.5 square meters) like an office cubicle or computer desk. The FreshView Air Purifier HEPA filter has a lifespan of up to 2000 hours of air filtration while the carbon pre-filter is recommended to be changed every two weeks. Replacement filters are available from Kingston.
The WarmView Monitor Stand cylindrical support legs are designed to house the ceramic heater and/or the air purifier, sliding in and out like a glove.
That said, because of the FreshView Air Purifier larger depth (18cm), you won't be able to properly slot both the ceramic heater and air purifier at the same time unless, you don't mind the air purifier sticking out a bit from the housing. The base of the monitor stand legs have small rubber feet that prevent any sliding movement while on a desk.
WarmView Wellness Monitor Stand with Heater is sold as a bundle but they can be bought separately and used independently of the monitor stand. The FreshView Air Purifier can also be purchased as a bundle with the WarmView Wellness Monitor Stand.
The WarmView Wellness Monitor Stand with Ceramic Heater (K55464EU) is available to buy from Amazon UKAmazon DeutschlandAmazon SpainAmazon Italy and Amazon France. The FreshView Air Purifier (K55462EU) is also available from Amazon UKAmazon DeutschlandAmazon SpainAmazon Italy and Amazon France.

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