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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Unless you are a tradesperson, you probably don't want to carry a bunch of tools with you all day! That's why pocket multi tools, especially ones that you can carry on a key-chain, are so popular because they are versatile and convenient to carry everyday.
The main objective of an everyday carry multi tool is to be multi functional and, small enough that you can take it with you, literary everywhere.
This is why multi tools that fit in a wallet or keyring are very popular, including BitVault and CableKit, which are two multi tools designed to be carried on a keychain, trouser pocket and/or belt pocket.
The BitVault is an all-in-one bit holder, screw driver and hex spanner with an unconventional design. Instead of using the classic pivot folding design, BitVault uses a case enclosure for storing and driving hex bit tools.
The BitVault case enclosure weighs 43 grams and measures 80.5mm long, 30mm wide and 7mm thick. The mini hex spanner that is included doubles as a belt clip that attaches to the BitVault enclosure via two M2.5 (1.5mm) hex screws. A mini hex key (L-shaped Allen wrench) is included to drive the M2.5 hex screws..
These M2.5 hex screws are very small so, those with stumpy fingers may struggle handling these tiny little screws and screwing them with the mini hex key since they are not magnetic.
handy mini spanner
BitVault integrates a rubber gasket ring around the top edge of the tray that makes the enclosure watertight, similarly to the gasket ring around some phone's SIM card trays. That said, there is no IP water resistance rating.
BitVault's enclosure has a sliding tray that can be taken out of the enclosure completely. The tray stays secure inside the enclosure via two metal clips that act as the locking mechanism. These metal clips have to be pinched simultaneously with the fingers in order for the tray to slide out.
Depending on your setup and what you actually store inside, you may or may not need to pull the tray entirely out of the enclosure.
If you do plan to store hex bits, using the included plastic dividers, you will definitely need to pull the tray all the way out to access the hex bits sorted at the bottom. These plastic dividers are easily attached and detached and will neatly compartmentalize BitVault into six equal sections for organizing a total of six hex bits.
The BitVault bit holder only comes with two hex bits (weighing 10 grams), which include one No. 2 Phillips (cross-shaped) bit and one 3/16'' slotted (flat-shaped) bit.
decent hand grip leverage
These two bits sizes are the most common flat and cross tips used for many applications, including furniture, window frames and bicycle derailleurs and, they have a standard round hex shape. They are also magnetic so, they will stay in place and won't fall out when inserted into BitVault.
You can buy additional hex bits from Lever Gear or use regular hex bits if you've got some laying around. The hex bits made by Lever Gear are made of hardened and tempered S2 steel, which is the same type used for chisels and hammers. S2 steel is good for hard impact applications as it's pliable and can deform without fracturing.
Aside from being able to store hex bits, BitVault can also store anything that will fit inside it. BitVault can also hold keys via the built-in spring-loaded carabiner clip on the bottom.
The body of BitVault is also designed to be used as a tool to drive the hex bits, just like a hex bit driver. There are two hex sockets located on the top and side of BitVault so, you can drive screws vertically and horizontally.
The BitVault enclosure is made of brushed anodized aluminum, while the inner tray is made of plastic with the tip end made of matte anodized aluminium.
The metal clips that lock the tray into place are made of a magnetic metal material. The front side of the inner tray has two grooves designed to provide grip so, you can slide out the tray easier.
The CableKit is a separate Lever Gear product that is not included with BitVault. CableKit is designed to replace the charging/data cable of a phone with a more compact solution that you can carry with you more neatly without tangling or getting in your way.
CableKit measures 80mm long, 17mm wide and 7mm thick. The actual USB cable measures 70mm long, 15mm wide and 7mm thick. Having a shorter cable isn't just convenient. It is also quicker and more efficient at delivering charge because electricity works better over short distances.
The micro USB connector tip measures 6mm long, while the USB-A connector tip measures 8mm long. The micro USB to USB type C adapter measures 23mm long and 4mm thick.
The entire CableKit unit weighs just 9 grams with the USB cable, weighing 4 grams and the micro USB to USB type C adapter, weighing 1 gram.
As well as holding the micro USB to USB type C adapter and USB cable, CableKit also comes with a SIM card tray tool, as well as a storage area for a nano SIM, micro SIM and micro SD card. On the back, there is a keyring loop for attaching CableKit to a keychain.
Unlike BitVault, which is made of aluminium, the CableKit enclosure is made of hard plastic. The USB cable is made of flexible rubber, which allows enough flex when needed.
Both BitVault and CableKit come with a Lifetime guarantee, which covers manufacturing and functionality defects. Cosmetic wear is not covered. Buy BitVault on amazon and Buy CableKit on Amazon

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